5 Tips on How to Get a Curvy Body in 2 Weeks

#2 Tip:  Lose Body Fat to Have Hourglass Body & Curvy Body

So for this step you need to work on your body fat and reduce than. Mind you if you are already skinny or slim,  then you will have to read this article where I show you how to go from skinny to curvy

And if you are chubby but still do not have curves then you have to lose the body fat for your curves to show.

Apply the following steps for a quick fat loss:

  • Cut Down Your Calorie.

And to lose body fat you have to cut down on your calorie. A calorie is the energy unit in foods.

To know your fat loss calorie, please go to this page and enter your age, height, current weight, and activity level to get your deficit calorie need.

  • Do Cardio and Total Body Strength Curvy Body Workout 2 to 3 days a week.

Performing strength and cardio training helps increase your metabolism which will facilitate the at loss process.

A good total body cardio and strength curvy body workout to do are, jump squat kick back, reverse plank leg kicks, Burpee to Squat and deadlifts.

Please watch the video below to see strength and cardio for a curvy body.

My Best Cardio for Curvy Body

For all the exercises you want to aim for 30 to 45 seconds for each of the workouts.  Then you want to do 2 or 3 set per day for 2 to 4 days per week.

#3Tip:  Do A Targeted Abs and small Waist Exercise.

So on your cardio days, you have to finish off your training with ab and oblique targeted workout.

The reason you need this very important is that it is the only way to tone, tighten and burn fat directly from your belly and waist so they get smaller.

Here is a video of a small waist curvy body workout at home to do. For more details on why you need to perform  targeted abs and waist workout, please read this article

15 Min Small Waist Curvy Body Workout at Home

Please perform 2 sets of this routine per day. You can do half in the morning and finish off in the evening or try and complete the routine in one session whenever time you pick.

You need to go for 3 or 4 days a week.

#4 Tip:  Perform Hips and Bum Workout to Build Curves.

So while eating to losing body fat, most ladies are always afraid to perform booty workout because they are afraid they will lose the little curve already there.

Trust me, you are not losing any bit of your curve if you follow this system of training and eating pattern I shared here.

When training your lower body, you have to keep progressing your training continuously.

You need to follow the hips and booty workout below then perform them 3 or 4 days per week.

Curvy Body Workout at Home to Do (Exercise for Curvy Body)

For each day you are to aim 15 to 25 reps for each exercise then go for 2 to 4 sets per day.

Take 1 minute to 5 minutes’ rest between sets.

You will need a resistance band for this routine which you can get online. See this quality and highly rated one in you can buy on Amazon.

If you don’t can’t buy a band yet feel free to start off without the band then plan to get one.

As a beginner, you can start without the band for a week or 2 and then start using a band.

And to continue progressing your hips and booty training to have curves, please follow this step by step guide on how to increase your hips and bum.

Or read this article on what it takes to grow any booty muscle grow bigger.

So there you have it all just follow the tips to get a curvy and hourglass body.

Yes, I promised I was going to give you a curvy body diet plan, I didn’t forget. Below is a sample meal plan to follow.

Curvy Body Diet Plan with Curvy Body Foods

This plan is just to show you what your meal should look like. If you are using this plan, feel free to adjust your meal portion to the specific deficit calorie you calculated from this site.


In this post, we have looked at setting realistic curvy body goals and steps on how to get a curvy body in 2 weeks. I have also shared with you, exercises for the curvy body you can do at home. All you need is to follow the curvy body workout routine for another 2 weeks to build your lower body so for the hourglass body.

You also have a list of curvy body foods or food for the curvy body you have to have your meal so you can easily make your own meal.

Is now left for you apply what you have learned daily for the results to show. I wish you success.

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