Skinny Thick Girls Wider Hips workout & Tips on How to Get Big Hips If Your Skinny

Please bear in mind that eating these  Foods That Increase Hips Size list above, will not do anything for you if you do not perform your hips and booty exercises accordingly.

With that said, lets quickly run down exercise need and  the 5 most recommended exercises to make hips Bigger as a Skinny Girl

2) TIP: Your Exercising Need ( How to  Exercise as Skinny Girl)

So what kind of exercises should you be doing as a skinny girl that wants to gain big hip size?

Simple, you need a group of total body strength training exercises and some Hip isolation exercises to grow a bigger hip.

You will also need to lift weight with the exercise and keep progressing the as time goes on.

But as a beginner, it advisable your start with just your body weight OR VERY lightweight.

Then from a month or 2, you start including increasing weight slowly.

This process takes time but with slow and steady progress,  you notice significant progress on your hip growth in a matter of months.

I know you might be wondering why you need to do a total body strength training since all you want is to grow your hips.

well, there are 2 main reasons i) To help you build strength all over and prevent injury since you will be lifting the weight at some point.

And ii) It helps you execute the hips and booty work effectively which in turn can create the kind of tension that will trigger your hips muscle too grow.

Please follow the program below for my favourite hips building exercise, you can also look through the video below to see how to perform some of the exercises.

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Skinny girl Workout for Big Hips (5 Exercises to Make Hips Bigger for Slim Girl)


This exercise is total body strength move with the primary focus at growing your booty, hamstrings and hips

You do not have to start using weight right from when you just started doing this exercise more.

Start with light weight and first master the move and be sure your form is correct, before using a heavyweight.

This will help prevent any injury because a wrong form on your deadlift can cause serious lower back and spinal injury.

So when you decide to start including weight your workout please make sure you don’t just start lifting very heavy immediately.

Begin with lighter weight and slowly increase the weight as you master the form.

How to perform Sumo Deadlift Exercise.

Starting by standing in front of a barbell feet slightly under it, hips-width apart and your toes slightly pointing out.

Hold the barbell. As you squat down keeping your arms straight and shoulder width apart, just outside of your legs.  Lift the chest.

Take a dip breath and begin to stand up using your heel legs to push off and lift the weight up.

Be sure NOT to round your back as you lift the weight and when you lower down weight, hinge through your hips

Lightly bend your knees to complete the more.

Then repeat 5 to 15 reps of this for 3 or 4 times per session.

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