Skinny Thick Girls Wider Hips workout & Tips on How to Get Big Hips If Your Skinny

Your maintenance calorie is the quantity of food you need to eat every day to remain at your current size.

In order not to put too much fat all over the wrongs places of your body, I recommend eating about 300 to 500 more calorie above your maintenance calorie.

This prevents your body from putting on more fat quickly and having you look fat but will take you from skinny to fit.

With slow calorie increase, your body will mostly use the excess calorie to build muscle on your hips. this ideally the only way for only to get your hips to grow and not other body parts.

But at the same time, Your training has to be good enough to really make you grow more hip size while eating on a surplus.

Enter your age, height, weight and then choose your activity level for the list.

 To calculate your maintenance, You can go here to calculate your calorie. or you can use the formula below

You also would have to take off junk and unhealthy food from your meal plan. This is the only way to make sure you won’t gain fat all over your body while you’re training and eating on a surplus.

Some of the unhealthy food to abstain from will be listed below as well as the good ones, but let first look at the 3 main class of healthy foods that increase hips size; they are:

  • ii) Fat and
  • iii) Carbohydrate.

These 3 classes of food are called macronutrient. They are the main nutrients that will grow your hips muscle,

This does not mean that you won’t need to eat fruits and vegetables,  as a fact, you need the fruits and vegetable for the macronutrient to carry out their functions.

But your macronutrient should be primary so you can meet up with eating your required calorie for a day.

And to also get the essential nutrient that you need to grow your hips.

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