no cornrow crochet braids in 7 minutes| crochet box braids on a short 4c hair| how to crochet braid

So I decided to make a hair video today to show you how easily you could save money by making your own hair yourself. Here in Nigeria, if I had to pay for this crochet braids, it will cost me nothing less than 6-8 thousand naira and am sure if you don’t even stay here in Nigeria it will even cost more, but I was able to save that 8k by doing it myself and so can you.

You just need to attempt doing it for the first time and you progress from there. Since I started YouTubing, I can’t remember the last time I spent money to style my hair at the salon and you know what?? Those money I save them up and use them for more imported things…. The braids are not that difficult, you can do. Plus you will be doing your arms good by burning those extra arm fat.

So if you want to learn how to do a no cornrow crochet braids in 7 minutes then watch the video.

It is a detailed video from start to finish using expression hair extensions for crochet braids.


So Watch the video and tell me what you think and I hope you love the video?  let me know if you want to see more hair videos in the comment box below.

Thank you for watching.

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