My breast size reduction Story |How to reduce the Breast Size Naturally without Surgery


This has been a long requested post and right now I am finally doing it.

If you follow my videos on YouTube you will notice I have mentioned in many of them that I  had a bigger upper body, I still do.

Maybe it’s a lot more proportional now, but it USE to be very big before, my breast was huge, my trunk was very big plus fat on them too. So I had to work my way to balance my body to what it is at the moment.

I  try so many things that came my way to see that my breast was reduced and  Here in the video I shared some of my best tips on this topic.

How to reduce the Breast Size Naturally without Surgery.


You can watch the videos or continue reading below…….



One of the things I did to reduce my breast size was to engage in high-intensity cardio and distance running to lose body all over and while I was losing the body fat generally, my breast also was reducing.

Scientifically distance running or low pace race have proven to balance up the body and I actually saw result doing this.

The mistake I made was the fact that I did not even know that I  was supposed to be doing a breast firming exercise alongside to tighten and firm up the breast muscle, So when my breast size reduced in size it then sagged as well.

I had to start working it again for about six months or more to restore it and reduce the sagginess … here is a video on few exercises I did to firm my breast again.


However, if you are just starting I will advise you to include breast targeted exercise to firm and tune the muscles or skin so they sag. Please see this video.




The second thing I also did was to eat alligator pepper on a daily bases. This was recommended by an elder friend I had then where we leaved. What it does to regulate and reduce the estrogen in the body.

Alligator pepper is an African spice mostly used in ceremonies and a cultural setting to entertain visitors and mostly elderly ones. It is pepperish nothing I would on a good day want to eat, but because I was very desperate for my breast to reduce I had eaten it every day.


Before I decided to make this video I did a little research on how the spice works and I figured it reduce the estrogen level in the body.


Estrogen is a hormone that helps in the formations of female reproductive organs and their feminine appearance. An imbalance in this hormone can make some persons have bigger boobs that are not proportional to their body or others big butt and it can even alter their reproductive system.


It is also important that you know that Alligator pepper reduces the prolactin level and so it is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers.



And the third tips I have is to cut down on any food that is high in estrogen generally or if possible take them off your meal completely. One such food is soy products.

Soya bean is one food that is recommended for the vegetarian bodybuilder because of how high and rich it is in protein it is;  however, the male bodybuilders tend to run away from it believing that it will make there boobs bigger because of the estrogen level in it. This is not proven scientifically anyway, but that is how they feel.



There are other foods that are high in estrogen as well for you to stay away from, below is a list of few of them:

  1. All Soya products
  2. Flax seed
  3. Sesame seeds
  4. All Legumes
  5. Almond
  6. Fennel seed
  7. Saw palmetto etc.


I personally  experimented with myself eating lots of soya products like a month ago and I discovered that my boobs increase a little bit from before.

so if YOU are working on increasing your breast size  then you can eat many soya or above listed food more. Watch this to see how to increase breast size

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