How to Revive & Maintain Curly Hair Weave in 2 Steps

Do you have a curly hair and would really want to care for the hair define the curls? or even see How to Revive Curly Weave Hair with just a few products

In this video is easy steps you can to take to revive your human hair weaves using just 3 common products

The hair I used this video is from Longqi Hair and I totally love the hair. it is soft with very minimal shading, and tangle free.

I have had this hair for over 3 months and to me, it has lasted the test of time. Three months is long a enough to know a good human hair extension that is worth investing in.

And yet the hair is very cheap (it costs about $101 to $196 for 3 bundles and closure), you can get it here

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So far I have only used nothing more than three products on this hair.

These are a list of the products I have been using for this curly hair included the following:


Curly hair products to I use

  • Dark and Lovely Leave-in conditioner.
  • Coconut Oil
  • Soy Organic braid conditioner.(please watch the video)

It is not so easy to keep up with curly weaves, but if you follow these steps here in this post, your hair will look amazingly new longer than you can imagine.

Each time I wear this hair out, I always get lots of complement on

So let’s look how to maintain the hair. These steps can be applied to all curly hair weave.

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Curly Hair Hacks: How to Revive Curly Weave Hair

It is not so easy to keep up with curly weaves, but if you follow these 2 steps your hair will look amazingly new for longer than you can imagine.

Please make sure to also watch this video for more.

Step 1:  Detangle & Maintain Curly Hair Weave every day.

Keeping your curly hair alive starts with a daily effort to make the hair look beautiful all the time.

One thing is running your fingers through the hair to reduce tangling every day, the other is to moisturize the hair once every 4 or 5 days.

This automatically revives and define the hair curls back.


What to do:

While wearing the hair take some portion of leaving add a little water to and use that to run your finger through the hair.

Please do not comb your curly hair when the hair is dry.


Step 2: Washing the Hair?

Make sure to try and wash the hair at list once every 2 to 4weeks.

This process brings back the life of the hair if done with right shampoo and conditioner.


What to do:

First wash hair using a shampoo and deep hair clean water to rinse, then add the leave-in condition and coconut oil to the hair.

You can also add another product that helps define curls.

I used Soy organic braid conditioner for that purpose. (Please watch the video)

Breeze dry the hair and it is just ready to serve you.

Some people might tell you not to condition your curly hair but I will say you should because that is what keeps the hair alive, hydrated and soft.

It also prevents the hair from shading.

To keep the weave even more moisturized, be sure to use a thicker moisturizing conditioner after shampooing.

Try not to squeeze the hair into a tight bag after wearing or dump hair randomly around your house.

I always keep my hair on a dummy head, nail or something to reduce tangling.

What are you doing to maintain your curly hair?

I will love to know, leave me a comment below.


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