How to make protein shake, Benefits & protein shakes recipes

I have put together this post to show you How to make protein shake, Benefits & protein shakes recipes to use so you can have all the essential nutrients needed to build a beautiful butt.

When I posted my first video on protein shake, most people misunderstood how protein shake works.

Some were thinking that by just drinking the shake, their butt WILL starting increasing and getting bigger in size without anything else.

Not even a litter glute workout.

I guess they must have reasoned that way because of the way the video was titled “drink to grow bigger butt”.

And some persons were also reacting to the ingredients used in the previous shake as well.

so  I decided to make another video with completely different ingredients and also address peoples misconceptions from the video.

If you have not seen that video, here it is.

You can watch both videos and see which of the recipe you prefer.

Today’s Recipe Video.

So let get down to why you need protein shakes

The truth is you don’t necessarily need to drink a protein shake to get a bigger butt if you are already on a high protein diet.

AND  you get enough protein daily from other sources.

I realized that most of us eat more of carbohydrate and very little protein yet we expect fast growth.

To get the fast growth you need, YOU will need to eat more protein, fruits and high fiber food like oat, cabbage etc. Here are other cheap sources of protein to choose from

 Benefits & protein shake recipes

      –Reasons and Benefits to Drink protein shakes:

If you are not sure whether to add Protein shake in your daily diet then here are some few reasons to have protein shake as part of your daily meal plan:


  • Speeds Up Weight Loss

Consuming enough protein shakes can help you develop lean muscle mass, which is of cause a  huge benefit for all ladies.

Aside from that, shakes encourage fat loss and as it has a lot of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients needed for the body to really build up in the right places.

It improves your metabolic activity which also helps in the fat loss process and as you losing body fat doing challenging buttocks workout you starting gaining on your butt more.

You might still wonder how it really makes one lose fat, the thing is, using a protein shake as an occasional meal replacement help you lose more weight and fat than you would by following a reduced calorie diet.

The research conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that eating high protein food is more satisfying and makes you feel a lot fuller than when you eat high fat and carbohydrates food.

Your metabolism generally will also be improved by just taking a glass of it in a day.

Additionally, a study carried out by the Metabolism and Nutrition journal in 2008 showed that obese men and women who drink a protein shake as their one meal replacement in a day following a low-calorie diet lost more fat than those who just stuck to a low-calorie diet.

They lost more body fat and gained more lean muscle mass.

Since you are losing fat and you are working intensely on the butt muscles,  the muscle becomes stronger and the stronger the muscle the bigger it will be.

The fun side is that it is free of fat making it lean muscle.

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  • Promotes Muscle Gain

Studies have shown that eating food packed with protein helps to develop a bigger and lean muscle and since you are looking to getting the butt bigger that is one of the muscles that will be developing and growing in size.

Getting enough of this protein from our daily meal is always a problem, so if you make it a habit to drink a glass of protein shake daily, it will go long way in boosting your protein level; thereby helping you in your gain.

The recommends daily protein intake is 0.8 to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight per day if your aim is gaining lean muscle free of fat but big enough to make you look good in your outfit.

This also helps you in retaining muscle mass when you are trying to lose weight yet not lose the important area of your body like the bum.

An adequate amount of protein in the body is essential for women as we age because it reduces the risks of bone and joint problems that might arise with age.

However, If you are already eating enough protein daily, then you don’t need shakes to retain or gain muscle.

But make sure you add up foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibre for your general body development because they are necessary and that is why like protein shakes; I mean well-made shakes has major micronutrients needed for your whole body development.

  • Packed with Many Dietary Benefits

Homemade shakes and even already made shakes or industrially sold are produced using crisp organic products, vegetables, and nuts which in effect has a lot of the necessary vitamins and minerals you need in the body to build up and bulk up in the area you are working on increasing.

Regarding the nourishment Protein shakes provides, the USDA states that proteins shake also helps to nourish and repair skin, ligament, blood, bones and build up muscles size.

Though the nourishment it provides might vary a little bit based on the ingredient used, it still provides overall health benefits to the body than just sticking to protein food supply.

How to make protein shake

So for this protein shake, all you will be needing is 5 items no protein powder required, see full list below:


    -Protein Shake Recipes

  • 100-150g of Low Fat Cow milk (Use Soya milk if you don’t eat animal protein)
  • Half slice of Avocados (Alternatively use Oatmeal)
  • A hand full of Cashew nut (or Almond)
  • 1 Oranges (or Grape and any citrus fruit)
  • 1 tbsp of Honey (for tastes)

     -How to Prepare protein shakes:

Simply throw in the cashew nut in the blender and blend it to a smooth consistency.

Then add all listed ingredients above together in a blender and blend all into a smoothie then you can now  drink it immediately (simple right?)

If you want quantity then increase all the ingredient in the quantity you want then blend and drink.

It is recommended you take it before and after a workout, on days you are working your butt, but if you not able to take it before and after, just try and take it “before” at least.

If you have ever had this thought “Will Protein Shakes Help My Bum Bigger?”

Well here is my response to you, yes protein shake is a highly nutrient-packed smoothie for your butt growth. This is so because it helps supply your booty muscle the right amount of daily protein required for it to grow bigger.

Final Note

Always remember that drinking protein shake does not negate the fact that you need to eat a balanced diet daily, that  is what will help keep your whole body in its best condition.

Now is your turn, don’t forget to leave your thought in the comment section.

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 Watch this video on exercises to grow a bigger butt.

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