How To Lose Belly Fat In A Week + 3 Exercise To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week

This post will show you how to lose belly fat in a week. A fat belly apart from how it stops you from looking at your best is dangerous to your health. Belly fat is fat that is usually stored around your abdomen. This is also known to make you prone to having cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, dementia, heart disease, and diabetes. Also, you are aware that you are what you eat. Therefore, if you love eating junk food, alcohol, salt and so on, this is a wake-up call.

Stay away from those foods. Just imagining how you would look with a lean stomach, instead of a flabby protruding one, is enough reason to burn that belly fat.

You cannot be doing the exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home that I will show here without eating clean expect to lose belly fat.

To stay healthier and lose the bad belly fat, you must change your diet, do some exercise routines and change your lifestyle. Furthermore, if you are serious in a week, you can begin to make some changes to your lifestyle, diet and do the exercises that can create some noticeable changes. So, in his post, we will show you how to lose belly fat in a week and give you 1 exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week.

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How to lose belly fat in a week + 3 Exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week

If you are worried about your big stomach, it is a good sign that you will put in the work needed to stay fit. The exercises will not change your lifestyle completely but they will make you look better. Also, the tips will help you lose belly fat in a week to give you abs that you will be proud of.

Let us start the guide now.

3 Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat for Female at Home

#1. Include aerobic exercises in your daily routine

As you consider how to lose belly fat in a week and the type of exercise routine that you must do to lose belly fat in a week, one good way to do it is to start doing aerobics. There are many aerobic exercises. You can use cardio machines, spinning, and running. Others are swimming, walking, hiking, aerobics classes, dancing, cross country skiing, and kickboxing. Furthermore, if you perform these exercises at the high intensity it is called anaerobic exercises.

To burn stomach fat fast, you must do aerobics or what is called cardio training by the fitness industry. According to Duke University Medical Research, studies have found aerobics as the best exercise that you can do to trim down your waist and burn belly fat.

Also, when you do aerobics daily, you burn many calories and this will improve your health generally.  You can start doing high-intensity exercise like running, swimming or joining aerobic classes to motivate you.

Make sure you do these exercise routines consistent if you want fast results that will burn your belly fat.

Similarly, you can add Abdominal muscles workout routines to the aerobics daily. To lose that fat belly quickly, do the Aerobics and do abdominal exercise three times a week. Start with Crunches and leg raises and do 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

You should also add “planking”. To do planking position your body as if you are about to do the classic push-up. But, this time use your elbows to support your body and stay like that for 30 to 60 seconds. You can do 4 sets of the planking.

#2. Do Reverse Crunch Exercise To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week

This move is very straight forward.

To perform these exercises, simply lie on your back with your knees together and your legs bent to 90 degrees, feet planted on the floor. Place your palms face down on the floor for support.

Tighten your abs to lift your hips off the floor as you crunch your knees inward to your chest. Pause at the top for a moment, then lower back down without allowing you

Then do this for 20 to 45 seconds for 4 to 6 rounds, she suggests.

#3. Do Mountain Climber  Exercise To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week

Mountain climbing also called “running planks’’ comes with a lot of benefits. According to Mark Briant, a personal trainer who manages a wellness consultancy Mob Fit, in an interview with HuffPost, stated that mountain climbers one of the best exercises that work the abs, arms, legs, and shoulders, while increasing your heart rate to lose fat generally.

So it should be of the most do exercises lose those belly at in a week.

How to perform Mountain Climber 

To perform this exercises start in high plank, hands stacked below your shoulders and your body in one straight line.

Make sure to keep your neck in line with your body.Quickly draw your right knee into your chest, and extend the leg back out as you drive your left knee to your chest. To raise your heart rate, run your knees in as quickly as you can.

A couple of form notes: “Do not let your butt go up in the air or your hands start to migrate out in front of your shoulders,” says Lefkowith. Also, make sure you’re not sagging into your shoulders.

    Then do this for 20 to 45 seconds for 4 to 6 rounds, she suggests.

Tips On How to lose belly fat in a week

#1. Tip- Wear A Waist Trainer when Exercising.

I cannot even over emphases the need for you to wear a trainer if you really want to lose those belly fats in a week.

Waist trainers help facilitate the belly fat burn process which results in more belly fat loss.

Preferable I will recommend you go for a latex waist trainer or cincher because the material is a rubber material which is what makes it increase the fat burn on the area your wear it.

You can check out this post for a list of various designs of waist trainers you can pick from.

#2. Tip- Minimize eating refined carbohydrates

Make sure you stay away from the consumption of refined carbohydrates if your goal is to lose fat around your abdomen and have good metabolic health. Metabolic health means having the ultimate levels of blood sugar, triglycerides and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). It also means having a good level of cholesterol, blood pressure, and waist circumference, without using drugs.

Please note that you do not have to stick permanently to a low-carbohydrate diet. All you need to do is change the carbohydrates to healthy carbs that are not processed. For example, instead of eating white bread, white rice and sodas, eat a more leafy vegetable, whole grains, and whole wheat and so on.

See a detailed healthy carbohydrate list in this article

#3. Tip- Eat More Soluble Fiber

Try and eat more soluble fibre because it is like protein. For instance, soluble fibre makes you feel full for longer hours. This helps you to keep away from eating extra calories in your meal that you do not need. Furthermore, you can get soluble fibre from veggies, fruits, beans, oats, legumes, dried peas, nuts, seeds, lentils, and barley.

#4. Tip- Eat high protein in the morning

You can begin your day by taking a nutritious high rich protein food. For instance, you can eat some scrambled egg whites, protein smoothies, Greek yoghurt, and porridge.  In addition, you can have other protein-rich foods like chicken, eggs, fish, beans or dairy in all the meals you eat.

Furthermore, you should take note that protein food keeps you full until it is lunchtime. And, that you need protein to raise the metabolic rate and also keep muscle mass throughout the period you are trying to lose weight.

see the post for more list of high protein food to pick.

#5. Tip- Drink plenty of water

You may agonize about how to lose belly fat in a week, but taking water can help you do a lot more than you imagine. For instance, you need to drink enough water for your system to function effectively daily. Water not only flushes your body of toxins but keep you healthy too. Whether you want to lose belly fat or not you should make sure you drink at least 4 to 5 litres of water daily. This is needed to enable you to burn more calories.

In addition, you can drink water before you take your meal; as it helps to take up some space in your stomach.  Water will reduce your appetite and stop you from more calories.

You should also learn to stay away from beverages that have sugars and calories. Furthermore, when you drink water mixed with Lemon early before you eat breakfast, it will regulate your metabolism and digestive system.

#6. Tip- Stay away from eating salt

You are aware that eating Consumer salt is dangerous because it keeps water in your body and makes your belly suffer from bloating. Therefore, before you buy consumer salt, find out from the nutrition content whether it has a high sodium level. As you already know, processed food has salt, sugar and saturated.

#7. Tip- Introduce fatty fish to your diet

Eating fatty fish such as salmon, sardines or tuna is a way of getting high-quality protein. It is also rich in omega-3 acids. You should aim to eat 2 to 3 portions per week. If you can pull that off, you will not suffer from heart disease. In addition, this diet will help you to burn your belly fat.

Furthermore, there is a Study that shows Omega-3 fats helps to reduce visceral or belly fat. Go on an eat more of this fat instead of bad fats from junk foods. Because it is part of what you can eat safely as you consider how to lose belly fat in a week.

2 Veggies that Destroy Stomach Fat

1#: Cucumber

Because cucumber contains so much water, it helps you feel full and eliminate cravings. A great snack between meals is some cucumber slices with a glass of water. You’ll be hydrated, satiated, and the cucumber helps flush toxins from your body.

#2: Leafy Greens

Broccoli, spinach, arugula, kale, romaine lettuce, and chard should all be in your diet. They have essential nutrients that keep your bones strong, and the best part is that they are very low in calories, which means you can feel full without piling on the calories. These are also rich in fibre, which boosts metabolism and healthy digestion.

Conclusion: 3 Exercise To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week

In this post, we showed you how to lose belly fat in a week by giving you certain lifestyle changes like eating nutritious food and drinking enough water daily. In addition, we gave you 1 exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week called aerobics. If you do things we suggested in the post consistently, your stomach will become trim. Try it and give us feedback on your journey to have a trim stomach in 1 week.

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