How to Get Rid of Arm Fat and Back Fat |13 Minutes Back and Arms Workout


Getting rid of back fat and arm fat can be hard sometimes, but it is not that difficult. In today’s post, I will give you some of my tips on how to lose arm fat and back fat.

And I will also show you my top most effective arms and back workout routine, you can perform the exercises for back fat and you can even see changes within a week.

Just follow this 13 Minutes Back and Arms Workout video above and apply the tips stated below and you will notice the quickest changes.

How to Get Rid of Arm Fat and Back Fat

To be clear with you, you cannot get rid of arms and back fat without reducing your total body fat percentage.

Though, I will be presenting you with effective back and arms workout in this article (see video below & above), does not refute the fact that you still need to work on your whole body fat.

That will mean that you perform some cardio/aerobics exercises or total body resistance training twice or thrice a week.

Then, combine those with the tips below to see a fast result.



Losing arms and back fat amount to your calorie intake and the level of workout to do to create a calorie deficit.

A calorie deficit means calorie shortfall AND a calorie is the unit for measuring the energy in all the food we eat.

Every food has calorie except water and it is when we eat too much energy or calorie than we use up then our body converts the excess to fat.

So to lose fat you have to be eating less than before and workout to directly target the area you want to lose fat from.


So this step only requires you to skip breakfast then you begin your day with lunch. Fasting helps you to control the total quantity of food you consume in a day thereby putting your body on a deficit.

If you don’t understand why you need to be putting your body on a deficit, it is simply because the only way you can lose fat off any part of your body.

It requires 3,500 calorie deficit you to lose 1 pound of body fat.

If you are able to skip breakfast of 500 -1000 calories short full every day, in a week you will lose about 1-2 pound of body fat.

And some of those fats will be going off from your arms and back as well since you are also doing the back and arms workout routine above.

If fasting is not attainable for you, try reducing your meal positions throughout the day everyday till you reach your desired size.



Empty calories are those food that does not have any nutritional value. Things like sugar, soda drinks, alcohol, canned drinks etc.

When you do this, it creates space for you to eat more nutritious food to nourish your body while increasing your metabolism for a rapid fat loss.


So this is the part that can affect every aspect of your calories cutting phase. I want you to understand that there are so many healthy foods out there, but some with high calories and yet, are less filling.

Which will make you wanting to eat more and more thereby defeating the whole process.

For instant chicken is a proteinous food likewise beef, but it has lesser calorie them beef and is healthier as well.

So try to choose a healthy and better option when making food choices.

If you need more tips on making a smart and clean food choice download my free flat and booty eating guide.

It has all the detailed nutritional guiding you will need.


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13 Minutes Back and Arms Workout Routine

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