How to get a smaller waist| 5 Steps How to Slim Waist & Get Flat Tummy

How to get a smaller waist| 5 Steps on How to Slim Waist & Get Flat Tummy

How to get a smaller waist | 5 Steps on how to slim waist & Get Flat Tummy

As ladies, we all have parts of our body we want to improve, either in size or shape.

The most frequent questions I get asked all the time are:

How do I flatten my tummy?

How do I get a smaller waist?

And how do I get my bum bigger?

Hey, we are not talking about the bum here…. We are focusing on the waist and tummy only.


Most persons will do anything to get their tummy flat, but the thing is doing what really works to ensure you see the result.


And that comes down why so many people will complain and whine about how their belly has refused to get flat.


Some will even tell you that they have tried everything and still could not succeed in trimming their waist and belly, exercising and all that…


Recent studies, however, have revealed that women are generally concerned about body parts such as the bums, arms, protruding belly and their mid-section –“the waist”.


The end result of such worries is to get a slimmer waist/flat tummy. Truth is that some parts are actually tougher to reduce than others.


The tummy, for instance, is such a difficult part to get easily flattened. To achieve this requires determination,  in-depth knowledge of what to do and when to do it precisely is needed before the much-desired result will manifest.


And this more often than not will involve hiring an expert.


Not to worry though, as you can actually get it done without an expert if you strictly follow the steps I am going to share with you in this post.


So what exactly is required to make the waist smaller?


To begin with, follow religiously, the few steps outlined below and you can be guaranteed a flat tummy and a smaller waist.


STEP1:  Wear a Waist Trainer.

Don’t get this wrong, most ladies are under the illusion that waist cinchers are magical garment.


They believe that all that is needed is to wear the cincher and the big tummy, as well as the large waist, will miraculously disappear.


This mindset has unfortunately blinded many to the reality of healthy lifestyle that largely contributes to getting a smaller waist.



So what is the right way to use a waist trainer to get a smaller waist?


The answer is simple: Add healthy eating/diet and exercise to the process.


This is the fastest way you can see the result with your waist trainer.


Good waist trainers, especially the latex waist trainers, will for sure give you the much desired flat tummy and a smaller waist over time.


This is not some kind of magic as some consider it to be, though.


It requires consistent effort as “nothing good comes easily”.


It requires you wearing the Waist trainer every day for a minimum of 4 months to really see huge changes on the waistline.


Whereas, if you were to combine wearing it with diet and workout, definitely in a month; you can lose even up to 4 or more inches of your waist.


Yes, it is also very possible to start losing a huge chunk of the stomach fat in just a week.


If you decide to stick to just using the Trainers alone with no diet and exercise, then here are a few things to have in mind:


  • Wear it a minimum of 5 hours a day and maximum of 12-16 hours daily.


  • Buy a cincher that hides well in your clothing since you will be wearing it all day. Undergarment Latex waist trainers are the best.


You can get one here from my store.


  • Wear it directly on your skin and not on your tank top or clothing for more heated effect.


Please ensure it has cotton lining inside. Should you experience any form of irritation when worn directly, then wear it on your tank top.


Why do I recommend Latex you might wonder?


Well, the reason is simple: the material is purely made of rubber.


The rubber material on its own generate heat on the area you are wearing it making you sweat and burn more fat on that spot.


A good place to source for Latex Waist Trainer is here.


The undergarment and workout Latex waist trainer will be most appropriate for this purpose


So far, we have seen how to maximize the use of waist trainer. Now let’s take a look at what your diet should look like for success.




STEP2: Diet – Eat food that Promotes Flatter Tummy.


There are varieties of food that are not recommended for a flat tummy whereas others are.


For instance, recent scientific studies show that eating whole grains along with fruits, and other vegetables help to reduce the amount of fat in the body.


This form of diet makes it easy for the body metabolism to regulate the fat stored in the stomach.


It also helps in reducing the calorie intake which is fundamental to losing belly fat.


Why do I say that?


This is so because reducing the amount of calorie intake is the beginning of losing weight.


And for you to lose stomach fat, first you need to be losing fat all over the body and then tummy will now follow and reduce too.


If there is no general fat loss then no flat tummy, that’s the common way to put it.


Here are a couple of other food categories I need you to add to your list:


Healthy Food for Flat Tummy and smaller waist                                                                                                              
  • Protein: Eating more protein is another best way to make your belly fat disappear slowly.


The fact is, protein makes you feel a sense of being full quicker and they also last longer in the stomach.


This, in turn, makes you eat less and the less you eat, the fewer calories you store in the body, the flatter your tummy.


More so, Protein helps you develop lean muscle which means less fat and you know? Excess fat is usually stored in the stomach.


Here are cheap protein sources to pick from.


Related Post: 7 cheap sources of protein for bigger butt


  • High Fiber food: Along with eating protein, you must also eat a lot of fiber to aid in the digestion of the protein.


Fiber helps to promote high metabolism. A high metabolism means a high rate of belly fat burn. And it also makes you stay fuller for a longer time.

Thought it keeps you full, avoid skipping meals, even when you don’t feel that much of a hunger.


Instead,  cut down the portion of a meal so it will require less time to break down and eat them more frequent.


This method has really been helpful to me.


I recommend you eat a minimum of 3 meals a day or 4-6 smaller meals daily.


Here are some sources of high fiber:


Food Rich in Fiber:

  • -Oat Meal
  • -cabbage
  • -fruit Salad Protein:
  • -Split Peas
  • -Beans
  • -Corn
  • -Acorn squash
  • -Oranges
  • -Breadfruit etc.


  • Carbs: Carbohydrate is another food you should eat but in very small quantity. Bear in mind that simple carbohydrate is out of the question here, it’s a no-go area.


That means you will only eat complex carbs.


I know it is usually not easy to cut out sugar from your meal, especially if you are someone that loves sweet things.


That is why I have put together a list of some complex carb that is tasty to curb that sugar craving.


And if you must eat a simple carb, then do a carb cycle. That means counting days you eat carbs and days you completely abstain from eating carbs.


Or what about eating sugary fruits as a replacement for eating unhealthy sugar in a day? That helps too.


Banana could even serve as sugary carb here. It’s like an actual food and makes you full as well.


Just be careful with the quantity you take because it can make you want to eat too much leaving you with so much calorie.



Sources of complex Carbohydrate to pick from:

-Sweet Potato

-Ripe Plantain

-Irish Potato



-whole wheat bread

-Brown Rice




Avoid these Simple Carbs:


-can drinks


-carbonated drinks

-Alcoholic drinks

-pastries and baked food


Remember, either type of carbs should be taken less than every other food category in your meal per day.


That means carbohydrate should make up 25 percent or less potion of your meal per day


  • Water: Drink plenty of water. I recommend you take nothing less than 8 glasses of water.  That is about 1.5 to 2 liters a day.


When you drink a lot of water, it helps to flush your system, keeps you hydrated and at the same time regulate your body metabolism.


Drinking plenty of water a day also helps to prevent water retention.


The effect of water retention makes your body start to store up excess fat on the stomach and causes you to bloat.


You do not want this, right?


So drink 8 glasses of water or more in a day.


Here is an exercise video to watch on how to slim waist and get a flatter belly.

How to get a smaller waist

STEP4:  Exercise: Do Regular Cardio and Abs targeted Workout.

Generally, when you talk about losing fat, your mind goes to exercise and that is because exercise is the number one way of losing fat, if done the right way.


Though some people will complain that they do not see result from working out,  the truth be told, it is and will remain the first and best way to burn fat fast


That boils down to whether they are following the right program or even performing the workout correctly.


I use to have issues with my abs exercises not until I learned the right form did everything started working out well.


And of course, my diet also was hindering my progress.


The moment I started watching my diet and performing the moves correctly, my belly started going down faster, so much so that within a week I lost 2inches on my belly.


That was fantastic, you would say!


That was what was took me months with less result.


Here are a few mistakes that made me not to see the desired results. I will not subscribe you make them else you won’t  see results too.


  • Focusing on just doing targeted abs exercise without adding cardio to my routine. As I said earlier, to lose belly fat, you have to lose fat all over. I was just doing only abs exercise without doing cardio which is what should have helped with the fat loss.


This is also why some people complain that they are not seeing results with their abs workout



  • Next on the line is “my form”. Then I was just focused on how many reps I was doing that I did not pay attention to whether I was doing it right or if I was properly positioned.


The simple principle to a correct form and performance abs workout is contraction and release of the muscle and full stretching of the muscle.


What do I mean by this?


Simply put, let’s say you are doing crunches, the correct form for it is: when you crunch up, contract the belly muscle tight.  On doing down, release the muscle completely lying back to the floor and stretch.


But make this move fast for better impact.


Most people go up and down without contracting the muscle and that is futile.


And let’s say it is side crunch you are doing. You want to contract the muscles on coming up to the side and then release and stretch those oblique muscles completely on going down.


The stretching and contracting are what makes you lose those fats on those muscles.


  • And finally, my diet was a mess. I would eat everything that came my way and not care. To worsen the matter, I would even eat at 10 pm. All of this hindered my progress.


I go do my cardio before or sometime after abs.


Right now, the way I work belly fat and smaller waist is to work both my core and oblique simultaneously


That means working the front and lower abs with the side abs together.


Here are few exercise videos on how to get a smaller waist


When performing any lower abs exercise on the floor, be sure to squeeze the lower abs and stick your lower back tight on the floor all the time and breath.


You feel the burn that way.

Do this for the lower abs.



And as for cardio exercises, I recommend any exercise that increases your heartbeat.


Preferably running, skipping, high knee, jump squats, spinning etc.


One tummy exercise I also will recommend you do is VACUUM. This exercise works the inner abs muscle helping to pull in the entire belly and keep your core tight.

Watch this video to see how to perform the workout. 

STEP4: Detox Drink – Take Detox Drinks to Clean up Your System.

Taking detox drink helps to get rid of free radicals in your stomach that make you store up fat on the belly.


Those radicals work to make you bloat and sometimes slow your digestive systemHere is my favorite detox drink that I had tried and loved so much.


Before I started buying already-made detox drink, I USE TO make one myself. You can watch the video HERE on how to make it yourself if you have time.


Or better still,  if you don’t have time and want something quick then here is  the detox tea I recommend




STEP5: Sleep: Get Enough Sleep/rest every Night



Finally, you need adequate rest and sleep too.  During this period, the body attains optimum performance.


To help you understand this better, here is an assignment for you.


Take two days to try this out.


Day one: Try doing your exercise, watch what you eat, drink plenty of water and your detox tea and if you have waist trainer wear it during the day. If you DON’T have a trainer yet, don’t worry. Just leave it.

Then stay up almost all night and maybe you can have just 1 or 2 hours of sleep.


The next morning, measure your waist or look at your belly in the mirror and take note of the size.


Day two:  Just pick one or two of the steps I stated above, maybe exercise or watch your diet only.


Then at night be sure to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep and then measure your waist the next morning.


I will leave you to tell me what your experience is.


Anyway, here is where we will end it for this article. Let me know your thoughts in the comment box


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