How to Get a Flat Stomach without Losing Curves

If you would like to learn the correct steps on how to get a flat stomach without losing curves or booty along the line, then this article is for you.

I see a lot of incorrect information out there on this topic, but the truth is, it is not that complicated.

The whole process is as simple as the 5 steps discussed in this article.

So let’s just dive into the subject “how to get a flat stomach without losing curves”

How to Get a Flat Stomach without Losing Curves

Series of scientific studies have proved that putting the body in a calorie deficit while you increase your energy expenditure is the only way to loss body no matter where you want the fat to go off from.

If you don’t, a calorie is the unit for meaturing energy in every food we eat) and a deficit means short of something.

So a calories deficit is a shortfall of energy A.K.A food. Everything we eat has energy in them execpt water.

When we eat too much energy/food than our body uses up for a day, the body converts the extra to fat and saves them up.

Though being on calorie cut/deficit will make you lose fat all over your body, studies have shown that, if you perform targeted workouts for that specific area you want to reduce, you will lose more fat on that area if done correctly.

And that means, if you eat less and perform abs specific exercises and then throw in some total fat burning exercises like cardio or weight lifting/strength training you are on the right track to getting a flat stomach.

But how then do you lose the belly fat without Losing Curves?

Well, when it comes to losing fat and keeping your curves/butt, there are a little bit of details you need to apply in other to keep your curve/butt while losing fat

Fellow the steps below and I promise you will start getting trim while your booty remains.

5 Steps on how to get a flat stomach without losing weight anywhere else

Please note; these 5 steps are the fundamentals to losing fat and maintaining your booty muscle/curves.

Anything other than these are just sales pitch aimed at selling you a program or meal plan.

#1- Be on A Calories Deficit (15 -25% max from maintenance).

So like I said earlier, you have to be eating less to lose fat but the percentage is the most crucial part of this process. You do not want to be on a very high calorie cut or deficit if you want to maintain your curves while losing the belly fat.

The percentages that has worked the best in retaining the most muscle/curves when trying to lose fat is 15% to 25% cut from your maintenance calorie.

When you try to cut so much calorie in a short time, you stand a chance of losing both the belly fat and your curves at the same time.

This is so because your body will be burning both fat and muscle as energy for your daily activity.

So how do you know your calorie need, your maintenance and deficit calorie?

Well, a simple way to measure your calories is to multiple your body weight in pounds by 14 to 18 depending on how active you are.

My free nutrient guide here will also help you on accurate calorie calculation.

Or you can go here to calculate your calorie requirement.

But my best and sustainable method to achieving a deficit, maintenance or even eating on a surplus when bulking is through a method called portion control.

Though this will require you take some weeks or months to study and know the calorie content in your food and how they apply to your body size (be it increase, maintains or decrease); I still believe it is the most stress-free method to manage your calorie on the long run.

Once you have mastered this, there won’t be any need to be counting your calories.

So what is Portion Control?

Portion control is about tracking and keeping record of your food sizes in combination with your activity level to help you maintain a certain body size or reduce your weight or maybe even gain weight if that is the goal.

So for this method, what you do is to keep account of the quantity of food that you currently eat to be at your current size and measurement and also note your activity level as well.

Then you want to cut down the food size 15% or 25% i.e. a quarter or less portion if you really want to lose those belly fat.

Take a look at the portion control chart above to get a clearer picture of this concept.

If you really want more help on a clean and sustainable way to eat and achieve your goal, then go download my free booty and flat tummy nutrition guide here.

If you are skinny with fat on the belly, you will have to eat at your maintenance calorie and focus on building strength/lean muscle, with time your body will undergo a body recomposition.

Then you can START to eat on a very slight calorie surplus for your booty and curves to grow. A surplus of about 200 to 500 calorie is what you need.

Also, you will have to cut out unhealthy food totally from your meal plan and replace them with healthy options.

You can download my free nutrition guide above for healthy eating pattern to follow.

#2-Eat Enough Protein, Fat and Carbs Daily

Most of the time, I hear some ladies say they want to cut out carbohydrates from their meal to help them lose belly fat and my reply is always the same.

“If you like cut out the carbs in the world, when your total calories consumed is higher than energy expenditure; your belly fat is not going anywhere.

You see, fat and carbs are not bad for you neither are they the reason for storing more belly fat, over eating and genetics could be held accountable for that

As a matter of fact carbohydrates and fats helps you maintain a high energy level during your calorie restriction which is what helps you train hard enough to prevent your muscles from being used as energy.

If you decide to still reduce your fat and carbs, please do not go below 15% for carbs and 20% for fats.

Then protein should be as high as you want, follow the protein guide in the linked list below.

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Function of Protein in keeping your curves and losing stomach fat.

To maintain your curves while you lose stomach fat, you have to be eating a little more protein than you normally would consume.

When on maintenance calorie, it is recommended that you eat at least 0.8gram of protein per pound of your body weight daily or 1.5gram per kilogram of your body weight daily.

However, when on a deficit, your protein requirement will go a little higher in order to promote good nitrogen balance and to prevent ANY muscles/curves loss during this fat loss phase.

According to a research conducted by Stefan M. Pasiakos, Lee M. Margolis, and Jeb S. Orr on the 30th Dec, 2014 issue of the FASB Journal , eating an increased protein ranging from 1.6–2.4 g/kg daily will do the trick.

It is also important you note that your protein source should come from complete proteins  with all 9 amino acids present.

You can look for your preferred complete protein sources here

If you are still confused and need a quick way of calculating your calories with a break-down of your daily protein, carbohydrate and fat amounts, you can use this free Macronutrient calculator here.

#3 – Abs Exercise Tips To Lose Belly Fat And Keep Your Curves.

When it comes to losing tummy fat one other important aspect is to perform stomach exercises  to directly target and burn the fat on the belly.

This is not to say that you only need to perform abs workout and all your stomach fat will just melt away.

On the contrary,  a study conducted by Vispute, Sachin S and his team in 2011 shows that performing only abdominal exercises will not really help achieve a flat stomach.

But will require a combination of abs workout with a general fat burning workout for you to lose your belly fat.

Examples of such general fat burner exercises will include: any form of Aerobics exercise, a total body Strength Training, HITT training (High Intensity Interval Training) or LISS (Low Intensity Steady State cardio).

All those will you help you to burn fat off the entire body and with the abs workout, you will be losing more of the stomach fat.

I have put together in the video above a perfect abs workout routine for you to follow along.

It has both a combination of target abs exercises and a HIIT training to help you lose those belly fat.

Just follow the entire routine for like 2 or 3 sets  in a day for 3 to 5 days in a week and all your abs problems will vanish.

Remember this is in combination with the eating part discussed in step 1 and 2 above, plus  the final step(4) yet to be discussed below.

#4 – Booty Workout Tips On How to Lose Stomach Fat without Losing Curves

I am sure YOU are very much interested in this part as much as I am, because it took me a very long time to adopt the training pattern needed to retain curves and even build booty muscle while on a calories deficit to lose stomach fat and other body parts.

So here is the thing, YOU DO NOT WANT TO STOP OR REDUCE YOUR BOOTY/HIPS TRAINING especially during this time that you are on a calorie cut.

This is what killed my progress for a very long time. I would train my booty so hard while  eating on a surplus and then will reduce my butt training volume while on a deficit.

I thought that training the booty as hard as I used to when cutting calories would make me lose my booty/hips gain, so I tried to preserve it by training less.

But I was doing it all wrong, in fact reducing workout on the lower body when on a calorie cut will make you lose your curves, because your body starts  using up more energy from the booty thinking that the curves are not really important to preserve since the muscles are not fully in use.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  you will need high volume of resistance and anaerobic exercises on the booty to gain muscle mass when cutting your food.

With that said, these are the 4 things to have in mind when training your lower body while losing fat.

  • i)                    Do not train your booty every day. Have a rest day in between your booty workout.

If you have been training every day in the past, just cut it to maybe 3 or 5 days a week because your booty muscle will rest and recover to function properly and retain its size.

  • ii)                  Do not be afraid of including dumbbells and weights to your lower body workout. In fact, lift heavier as never before during the cutting period.

You can start off with body weight if you have never lifted before, but after a month or 2 try incorporating freehand or leg weights.

  • iii)                Each time you perform a booty workout be it with weight or without, try to create the most tension on the booty muscle.

You can do this by focusing and thinking of the booty muscle, then as you perform each rep, make sure your butt does the most work while lifting or lowering of the weight or even going up and down.

  • iv)                You want to constantly try to increase the total value of work performed  on the lower body(booty) by weekly or monthly

To achieve this, do extra one or two reps than you did the previous day or week.

Mind you, it is ok  to increase reps and sets throughout the cutting calorie phase as long as you perform the reps with full focus on the glute strength.

  • v)  Keep your exercise reps within the standard hypertrophy range of 5-15 per

And continually strive for progressive overload by gradually increasing the weight lifted on your exercises over time. (Your strength may eventually plateau as you remain in a calorie deficit for longer periods, but just continue progressing for as long as you can).

If your workout routine starts  feeling less intense, increase the weight you have been using.

Or get extra resistance band, but make sure you perform the move with the right form while you include additional resistance or increase your weights.

  • vi)                Include both compound and isolation exercises in your bum and hips workout routine.

Below I created the perfect workout routine for you, implementing all the rules we discussed in this article…..Check out the video below.

  • vii)              Maintain an adequate rest time between sets of about 1-5 minutes in order to keep your training performance maximized.

Please follow the hips and booty workout video below if you don’t have a booty routine or want to be sure you are doing it right.

Perform the entire workout for 1 to 5 or 6sets progressively week after week and I assure you, this is exactly how to get a flat stomach and curves.

It ensures total muscle retention on the curve and even an increase in those booty curves while you are losing the stomach fat.

#5 – BONUS TIPs: Sleep, Sleep, Sleep and Sleep.

So I wanted to skip this believing that we all sleep at night, but I remembered how hard it is for me to include my 7 hours sleep at night when I have work to do and TV series to watch.

It is a struggle for me even till date and especially when I am on a calorie deficit the sleep just disappears.

That is why I decided to emphasize the importance of sleep in connection with muscle recovery, preservation, retention and growth (call it whatever) .

According to the study by Science Direct , adequate amount of sleep each day is necessary in order not to decrease protein synthesis and of  course a higher protein synthesis helps preserve, retain and build bigger booty.

Asides from that, you lose the most fat when you sleep adequately, combined with a flat stomach workout facilitates the whole process.

It is recommended you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night or you make up for the short fall during the day.

Quick Recap:  How to Get a Flat Stomach without Losing Curves

  • 1)   Be on a calorie deficit- Eat lesser than before but within a calorie cut of about 15% to 25% less of your maintenance calorie.
  • 2)   Eat more protein, but do not cut out fat and carbs from your meal. Your daily protein intake should range from 1.6 to 2.5gram/kg of your body weight in kilogram and 0.8 to 1.5gram per pound of your body weight.
  • 3)   Train your abs muscle moderately and your booty even harder. 3 to 5 days a week training is enough.
  • 4)   Keep increasing your booty training intensity and volume by, weekly or monthly to keep growing the hips.
  • 5)   And finally, you need 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to retain your curves.

I hope this article was helpful to you? Please feel free to share with any of your friends and relatives that might need the information.

Thanks for being here, catch you later!!!

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