7 Hip Pain Exercises to Relieve Pain Fast | Hip Pain Symptoms, Causes &Treatment

So you’re feeling pain on the sides of your hips or maybe you just feel the pain on one side. This article goes in-depth on some of the common hip pain symptoms and causes and 7 hip pain exercises to relieve any kind of hip pain you may have.

Be it, hip pain caused as a result of injury or muscle weakness, strenuous exercises and tissue inflammation. It could even be that you just feel a burning hip pain sensation when walking naturally without really identifying what caused the burn whichever one you have, we will be covering all in this post.

Hip Pain Symptoms and Causes of Hip Pain in Ladies

There are so many causes and some common symptoms of hip pain, but the two below are the ones I have personally experienced. Let’s look at them and then we go on to discuss other types that are not part of my personal experience.

Some of the common hip pain symptoms and causes that I have  experienced personally are:

  1. ) Sharp pain in-between hip bone. I.E between the femur and ilium (See above image).

The time I had this issue, I was not sure what caused it, but after little research, I discovered it mostly, as a result of poor posture when performing unfamiliar exercises.

So what I did was to try to correct my form making sure I was moving the right way.

If you don’t exercise and you have this kind of pain, it is most likely that you have arthritis. We will talk about arthritis more as we proceed.

2. ) The second hip pain symptom I experienced was very recent, I was feeling a burning sensation on the muscle of one side of my hip which is not the usual kind of soreness I feel from my normal hips workout, then I just knew something was wrong.

I googled it and  I realized, the muscle was inflamed, caused due to overtraining of the muscle.

I was excessively training that side of my hips and I was not allowing enough time for them to recover from the workout so they became infected.

I had to stop working out for days.  I also applied ice packs on the area twice daily.

Aside from the symptoms and causes from my personal above, there are lots of other factors that could make your hips to hot as well.

They could range from age, hip fractures, Arthritis, muscle weakness, activity level and even infection on the muscle caused due to other factors.

If you are within age 18 to 35 and very active the chances are, your hip pain could be caused by muscle strain or inflammation from lack of enough rest from your workout session.

It could also be as a result of one of the conditions included in the list below.

Some General Causes of Hip Pain in Ladies are:

  • #1 – Inflammation of the Hip Tissues.

Tendinitis and bursitis and some other ligaments around the hip connecting the muscles to the joint could get infected.

Those ligaments get infected due to overtraining and performing of strenuous exercises too frequently without much of a recovery and rest period in-between causing the muscle to be inflamed.


  • #2 – Arthritis

This is a chronic joint pain on the hip that torments a lot of ladies. Usually, this is caused due to inflammation on the joint, resulting to wear-and-tear of tissues around the joint in some individuals as they age/get older. The ball & socket joint of the joint begins to wear out causing you to feel pain.

This sort of joint inflammation pain is regularly felt in the front of the thigh closet toward the hip area or even in the crotch.


  • # 3 – Gynaecological and Back Problems

Hip pain or torture in ladies can have gynaecological causes.  It’s vital not to simply in most cases accept that our hip pain is caused due to just joint pain, bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis, and inflammation or even muscle soreness. Depending on your age and other medical problems, the agony in your hip could be originating from things like your age and pregnancy.

For instance, when the uterus lining grows somewhere else this could cause pelvic sensitivity, which is considered as hip pain for some ladies.

Spine and back pain sometimes can also be felt at the buttocks and hip area. So look out for when you started experiencing the hip pain and what led to it.

  • #4 – Hip Fracture

Hip cracks or fractures are mostly seen in older women, particularly persons with osteoporosis (Osteoporosis is a decreased bone density). Symptoms of a hip crack or fracture consist of pain when you try standing straight, lift, or stretch out your legs.

Additionally, the toes on the harmed side will seem to turn out, a sign that you need the help of your doctor.

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4 Hip Pain Treatment Option to Consider if You Want Fast Relieve.

Different Hip pain treatment option will depend on the symptoms, cause or diagnosis of a doctor.

But hip pain caused as a result of overtraining or any form of sports can easily be treated with stretch, rest, heat and ice or an anti-inflammatory medicine prescription from a doctor.

So let’s look at the break down of each hip pain treatment and where they apply and then we move on to our 7 best hip pain exercises to add to your routine which can prevent and treat hip pain.

  • #1- Treatment for Hip Inflammation, Soreness, Tendinitis and bursitis.

Use Ice to treat any form of Inflammation of the Hip like Soreness, Tendinitis and bursitis. Ice is one of the best remedy or treatment for an inflamed tissue or joint, due to overtraining or even due to bursitis. You can wrap an ice pack in a towel and place it around the side of the hips you feel the pain for some minutes. Or you can also apply it directly to the area.

This can within a matter of hours give you relieve which makes it one of our best hip pain solution.

Adequate stretching can also help relieve these kinds of hip pain (see recommended stretches and Hip Pain Exercises below after reading through)

*Please try not to use heat for this kind of hip pain because it can worsen the problem.

  •  #2- Use Heat to Treat Arthritis

If the cause of your hip pain is Arthritis, it most recommended you apply hot /warm water to it or a solution.

A bath with warm water can calm your joint pain or arthritis pain so quickly.

Beware however not to use cold water, if your hip pain is caused by arthritis because it can worsen this type of hip pain.

Try to participate in low impact exercises and even some stretching as well, this helps a lot.

Also, if for instance, you have osteoarthritis in your hip, which is a joint inflammation that is the outcome from wear and tear of the ligament in your joint, then losing a couple of pounds can help relieve the pain.

  • #3- Relieve Bursitis by Stretching

If you just have Bursitis then adequate stretch will suffice for this kind of hip pain as well.


  • #4 – Strengthen Inner and Outer Thighs

Sometimes you could feel pain on hips due to the weakness of the muscle around the area.

For this kind of hip pain, it best you work on the muscle of outer and inner thigh to build strength and then the pain will slowly reduce over time.

If you are not used to exercising I suggest you try exercising in water.

Exercising in water enables you to strengthen your muscles without putting too much pressure and weight on your joints making easy to do and fun activity.

There are lots of other exercises that I would recommend you do which does not require water.

Please see the list of the Best hip pain exercises to strengthen both inner and outer thigh below.

  • #5 – Relieving Hip Pain From Muscle Soreness.

Try to differentiate muscle soreness from actual hip pain these two are different. A muscle soreness will not last days and does not come with a burning sensation or shape pain on the joint. Muscle soreness is very normal after performing an exercise challenge which usually will stop by itself after proper rest for a day or 2.

But a fast way to also relieve soreness so you can work out more frequently is applying ice on the affected hips or you can also take a cold bath.


So let’s take look at some of my recommended Hip Pain Exercises below:



7 Hip Pain Exercises to Relieve Pain Fast

Exercise 1. – Hip Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling is one of the best hip pain exercises I would ever think of for muscles soreness, inflammation, strain and any form of hip pain symptoms. Though this exercise requires you to purchase a foam roller, it a sure great investment for any time you experience pain on the hips.

So if have the money please invest in a foam roller. Check this one on Amazon.

How to Perform Foam Rolling?

To perform foam roll on the hips, simply lie on your right side to begin,  then place the roller on the right hips.

Keep your foot firmly sitting on the mat using your hands to push of your upper body from the floor and to support yourself?

Then roll your right hips on the roller, starting from the pelvic bone all the way down to the mid-thigh and roll right back up toward the hips.

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