Body Goals: How to Get Slim Thick in 30 Days (Meal + Workout Plan)

Now that you know what to eat, let’s move on to the slim thick workout schedule and slim thick workout plans at home and for the gym. There are 2 separate slim thick workout plan below, one can be down at home and the other can be done at the gym. 

Each plan has 2 follow-along workout Video routine to work your lower body which includes your hips, glute max muscle, the legs, hamstrings and quads.

And the second video following the lower body workout plan includes exercises that targets your upper body, belly and oblique a.k.a your waistline. 

You are only required to select one routine that you prefer, be it the gym slim thick workout routine or at home slim thick workout routine.

So let’s get to the workout plans for the slim thick body types

Slim Thick Workout at Home

Get Thick at Home Video Routine 1 

This routine targets your hips and booty and legs and hamstrings. You are to do this work out for 2 to 5 days a week and take weekends off. 

Please do now workout every so your body can recover and from training to repair and grow thicker.

Try to stick to instruction of how to perform each move as indicated in the video.

Get  Thick At Home Video Routine 2 

This Routine works your entire body, upper body, abs and oblique that is your side belly muscles.

You can decide to do this routine on separate days for your main lower body workout routine above.

Or you perform the workout the same day with your lower body workout. 

Try to aim for 2 or 3 set in day for this routine for 2 or 3 days per week.

Slim Thick Workout Plan Gym

Get Thick At GYM Video Routine 1

Please follow this routine for your booty strength and thickness.  Always focus on your training exercises form. Perform move correctly in other not the hot your bone or nerves.

Get Thick At GYM Video Routine 2 

So I am performing this routine at home because I have the gym equipment at home, but if you don’t have these at home, you will now do these at the gym.

So if your like to go to the gym, then include the exercises in the routine above in your workout. 

This routine is working all body parts at once including your abs, arms, hips and hamstrings and your total body strength to help you get fit and strong. 

You are to use weight that feel right for you and slowly progress by challenging yourself more weekly.

Maintain a proper exercises form when lifting weight so you don’t injure yourself. Aim for 2 or 3 set in day for this routine then carry out session for 2 or 3 days per week.

Final thoughts.

So here you have the gym and home slim thick workout schedule to get fit and thick. It is now your turn to apply what you have learnt from this article to get thicker. That is how to get slim thick in 30 days. 

Off cause, your meal gets 8o% of the result so don’t forget to use slim thick meal plan i get you above. 

Or you can use the advice from this article to plan out your meals properly so you see results in 30 days.

I hope this post has helped you?  Be sure to share if it helped you.

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