African Heatless Curl on Hair (OVERNIGHT CURLS) How to Add a Curl to a Hair Without Heat -Nadulahair

Get some nice curls on your hair without heat. You will only need a thread to get that OVERNIGHT CURLS  on your human hair and nothing more.

This is the best method to preserve your human hair extension in its natural state so you can use the hair for years without damaging the hair.

This should be your go-to way of curling your hair if you really want your hair extension to last long.

So watch this video on How to Add a Curl to a Hair Without Heat and let’s hear your thought.

The hair used in this video is from Nadula Hair , I already made a wig tutorial on it which you watch below.

Please watch the video and I hope you like it.

Below are the details for the hair if you would want to get it.

Hair curl: Body Wave 

Hair Length: 22, 20, 18 + 18inches closure

Here is the Hair link


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