My name is Abigail Ekweghi, a Nigerian fitness vlogger, entrepreneur and coach, who after working a corporate job for over 8 years decided to embark on an entrepreneurship and vlogging career, doing what I love; “helping ladies come to appreciate themselves better and live their dream life”.


I LOVE GOD, I love fitness and of cause, I love money too.


In fact, I love all things beauty including you and you are beautiful you know???


Forget all those amendments we try to do to our body; you are perfect just the way your creator made you.


I am perfect the way he made me. And don’t you ever let anyone bully you into believing otherwise.


Growing up as a teenager, I had awkward body shape, busty, large trunk with no ass nor hips (you can even see traces of it if you watch my videos) and I would get nasty compliments all the time from strangers, friends and even relatives.


It led to an obsession with making my figure look better, the best possible way I could and I resulted to exercising at that early age.


Then I would be sad working out, hating myself, and even hating the exercise itself; but right now exercise is one of the most important and joyful things in my life.


And I am happy for all those compliments that compelled me to begin the fitness journey. I have had so many trials and errors and had success too.


Over the years, I have come to realize that the physicals and peoples opinion about us does not define who we really are or will become and right now I don’t believe anybody is more beautiful than I am.


You are beautiful, I am beautiful, And WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. Just love you no matter what they say.


I believe if I could get this far, you too can go even farther. We all have what it takes; just drive and the work.


So just do you, but remember your grand creator while you do you (laughing) very important.


Anyway welcome to my site and thank you for connecting with me here  …….