6 TIPS TO BUILD BIGGER BOOTY and LOSE FAT(How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at the Same Time)

Sample Meal Plan for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain on the BOOTY

You can download my free nutrition guide for a sample meal plan to help you lose fat and build your booty here.

In there you will get my full nutrition advice and all there to know when trying to lose any body part and build the other.

Here is what get from the  guide:

More detail info to  build muscle on a calorie deficit

How many calories to gain muscle and lose fat and weight in the right place.

Sample 14 day meal plan.

A shopping list. full list of complete protein, healthy carbohydrate and fat option to choose from.

And many more……. go here to download it for free.

I  hope this post was able to help you see that it is possible to lose fat and gain bum muscle simultaneously.

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