6 TIPS TO BUILD BIGGER BOOTY and LOSE FAT(How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at the Same Time)

#5 Tip: – Allow Rest and Recovery Time In-between Butt Sessions.

So most people think that building muscle and losing weight or fat requires an everyday workout.

But I will like to say that,  it doesn’t.

You don’t need to be working on every day for you to achieve this goal, in fact, your body needs rest and recovery time for them to rebuild muscle.

When you are working out YOU ARE simply damaging your muscles and

When you’re resting, your body is building up stronger muscles which are usually bigger in size..

That is how your butt grows in size.

So you need to take a day or 2 if not 3 days off from working a particular muscle every week to allow your muscle to rebuild and develop properly.

I suggest you do your butt workout for 3 or 4 days a week and then your cardio session 3 days a week

#6 Tip: –  Sleep

Sleep is a  very important aspect of this process. Sleeping time is, for the most part, the time your body burns the most fat and rebuilds the most muscles.

That why most persons will wake up with a flat tummy after a good night sleep and during the day, they will go back to the regular belly bulge.

You want to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. If you could not meet up at night, make up for your sleep during the day. Take a nap during the day.

With all these applied accurately, I tell you that it is Possible to Lose Fat and Gain Bum Muscle Simultaneously.

This is way I was able to do it myself. You can as well if you follow the steps.

3 Bigger Booty Exercises to Lose Body Fat and Gain Muscle on The Buttocks.

The  Video above has 3 of my best butt and weight loss exercise to do and they are, Hips thrust, Sumo Deadlift and Jump squat abductions.

You can watch the video and master your form for each move then try to progress the training.

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