6 TIPS TO BUILD BIGGER BOOTY and LOSE FAT(How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at the Same Time)

You can also skip breakfast if you have a huge appetite when you start off eating early in the morning which could prevent you from going on a deficit.

#2 Tip: – Eat Enough Protein, Carbs and Fat.

Eating a sufficient amount of protein carbs and fat daily is how to cut fat and build muscle especially the butt in this case.

You need to eat protein equal to 1.5 to 2.5gram per kilogram of your weight daily

Not all protein are complete sources of protein. It is very important you get your daily protein for complete sources. You can check out my complete protein list here

Your carbohydrates should be  25% to 45% of your daily meal depending on your calorie deficit need.

Make your carbohydrates sources complex carbs. complex carbs are carbs like rice, yam, potato and whole wheat bread etc.

The daily fat in your meal should be 20% or less and please try to stick to healthy fat. like avocado,  nuts, olive oil and other healthy options.

Best Booty Training Method for Reducing Body Fat while Building Muscle

#3 Tip: – Progressive overload on Butt Muscle.

When it comes to building your butt muscle, you need to progressively overload the booty muscle by training harder and harder weekly or monthly.

The easiest way to create this sort of progression on the booty muscle is to incorporate resistance band, ankle weight, dumbbells or barbells.

If you are buying any of the equipment, I suggest you get ones that are adjustable so you can reduce and gradually increase the weight over time.

Like adjustable dumbbells, barbell and resistance band should have different levels so you can progress your training for long.

I got my 30kg dumbbell for long before advancing to barbell not.

So what you do here is to start up your butt training with less weight then slowly increase the weight and resistance to progressively overload your booty muscle as you get stronger.

You can also start with just body weight and keep increasing the repetition or set until you are able to buy weight at home or get a gym membership.

If you like to workout at home

You need to get these 3 items below. They are the ones that I started out with for so long before I finally got my barbell.

i) Resistance Band -This is available on My store here or on Amazon here; you can check the current price, I am not sure what cost now.

ii) Ankle Weight – This is available on Amazon here and you can check the current price over there.

iii) An Adjustable Dumbbell: I saw this cheap one also on Amazon.

More bigger butt exercise can be find in this post, you take look at them.

#4 Tip: – Moderate Cardio  Training ( 3 Time Per Week)

This one is simple, 3 times a week you want to just perform a moderate cardiovascular training.

Something to help you burn fat and calories from your whole body.

The type of cardio you choose will be dependent on what you like to do. I prefer low impact cardio training and sometimes I switch things up.

So if you prefer high-intensity training stick to those for 3 or 4 times a week in addition to your glute training will the trick.

And if you LISS, do the same thing 3 times per week in addition to your glute training.

Please do not focus on cardio when trying to build butt and lose fat. your butt training should be your priority.

If your butt training is intense enough, you still will be losing fat during this time without even doing cardio exercises.

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