6 TIPS TO BUILD BIGGER BOOTY and LOSE FAT(How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at the Same Time)

Usually losing weight and building booty muscle requires 2 opposing actions.

Weight loss requires you to be on a deficit while building bum requires you to eat on a calorie surplus.

How do you achieve both at the same time?

In today’s post, I show you how to lose weight and butt muscle at the same time.

This is the exact same steps that I implemented myself to reduce my body fat while building my booty as well.

Watch the video above (time 47:00 sec) you see how fat my body was before and how it is now.

I also shared some good highlight on this topic in it.

When we talk about weight loss here, we simply talking about fat loss because fat loss is what leads to weight loss.

If lose body fat , you will get and look lean.

They both are the same thing… with that said let’s get into this topic,

So how Is it Possible to Lose Fat and Gain Bum Muscle Simultaneously?

Well, there are 6 main steps to achieve a  fat loss or weight loss and gain bum muscle at the same time. They are:

i)  You need to be in small or low-calorie deficit.

ii) You have to be eating enough protein carbohydrate and fat.

ii) Perform proper training structure which is progressive overload on the butt muscle.

iv) Do a moderate cardio training per week (three times per week)

v) Allow rest and recovery in between booty session.

vi) Get enough sleep every night

These are the 6 main steps to grow bigger booty while you lose weight or fat at the same time.

So let’s look each one of the steps.

How to Eat To Lose weight but gain bum muscle as well

#1Tip: – Low-Calorie Deficit

To lose fat or lose weight and build your bum, you have to be on a calorie deficit.

This requires you to eat less calorie from your maintenance calorie, but here is the main thing your calorie cut should very low or small.

If you do a huge daily cut you stand a chance of losing your butt muscle and will not be building any single butt muscle on the process.

So the recommended amount of calorie to cut is somewhere in between 200 to 500 calories from your maintenance calorie.

If you want to learn how to calculate your maintenance calorie, please go to this blog post and read the section for maintenace calorie calculation.

You also can practice what I call portion control.

This is my favourite way of managing my calorie without counting calorie. So what I do here is

Once I’ve gotten my protein calculated from my food selection, I just reduce all the other food portions to make sure that my total daily meal is lower than what I usually will consume on all other time when I’m not trying to be on a deficit.

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