6 MIN WIDER HIPS STRETCHES FOR BIGGER HIPS & BOOTY| stretching routine|how to get a wider hips

Hello guys, you are welcome back to today’s wider hips and bum stretching video.

This is a mobility, BOOTY and WIDER HIPS STRETCHES  to help with muscle recovery after booty and hips workout. This also helps for blood circulation on the hip muscle to help it grow a lot better after you have done any form of intense booty training maybe like lifting or any other butt and hips training.

You need to stretch your booty muscle after a workout to increase blood circulation which helps you recover a lot faster and how quickly you able to recover from a training will determine the frequency at which you work on that muscle leading off to more growth.

You can perform any of the stretches in this the video before or after a workout program, I like to start my booty training with a regular low impact workout as a warm-up and end with stretching.

So watch the video above and let me know what you think.


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