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6 Easy Exercises For Bigger Hips That Really Works

Are you looking for easy exercises for bigger hips? Well, you are just on the right track.

In this post, I have put together some of my best easy bigger hips exercises with picture demonstration for you to follow along.

The exercises could be done literally anywhere, on your couch, your bed, the living room, anywhere!

To have your hips popping, you have to make sure you are doing a direct hips isolation workout which is what I covered in this post. Squats alone will not get you there.

The workouts here put-together are the bomb in targeting the hips muscle directly yet, they are very easy but super-efficient.

You will feel challenged though but in a different way.

While performing each exercise, I want you to push yourself to 15 – 20reps.

And do a total of 3 or 4 sets in a day taking only 1-3 minute rest in-between each set.

If you can, try to add one or two compound workout like sumo squat or curtsy Lunge to make this WORKOUT an explosive one.

Watch this video for more advances wider hips workout after reading through.

So are you ready for the workouts?

Let’s move on to the exercises for bigger hips and how to perform them.

Exercise 1: Fire Hydrant

The first one here is one of the best and easy workouts to isolate your hip muscle commonly known for both beginners and advance person.

For a beginner, you just need your body weight and if you are advanced, then add up some ankle weight or dumbbell or even use a resistant band to the workout.

If you started out with your body weight, the moment you can perform 20 to 50 reps on a go, then it is time to add some sort of resistant, like ankle weight, dumbbell or bands. It usually could take some persons a month or two to get this fitness level where they will need a resistant and for others, one week or two.

Check with yourself and keep progressing.

This will help challenge the muscle further to make it grow.

How to Perform Fire Hydrant:

Step 1

Come down to the floor and be on all your fours. Arms and knees on the ground. Keep your back straight, stomach pulled in and your arms aligned with your shoulder maintaining your normal breathing pace.

Fire Hydrant
Fire Hydrant

Step 2

Starting with your right leg, lift the leg from the floor to the side raising it as high as you can go. Then put it down to start position and repeat the motion for 15 to 20 repetitions.

Switch leg and do the same move for the same number of reps on opposite side.  Make sure to complete the number of reps on the left leg to prevent muscle imbalance.

Exercise 2: Lying Forward Lateral Lift

Like the Hydrant, lateral lift is a very easy exercise to perform.

There are many variations of it, but we are going to be doing the lying forward lateral lift first.


How to Perform Lying Forward Lateral Lift:

 Step 1

 Lie down on your right side with your head supported by your right hand. The right leg bent to a 90-degree on the floor and the left leg straight out in front.

See image below.

Lying Forward Lateral Lift

 Step 2

Then lift up the left leg from the floor as high as you can go and put it back down to start. Repeat the movement for 15 to 20 repetitions.

Switch sides and perform the move on the right leg while lying on your left side. See photo A and B

Lying Forward Lateral Lift

Exercise 3: Lying Side Lateral Lifts

This is a variation of the lateral lifts that cannot be neglected though common, but it is very efficient in targeting the hips muscle.


How to Perform Lying Side Lateral Lifts

Step 1

Still lying on the floor either on the left or right side to begin, support your head with your hands, bring the leg on floor to a 90-degree and straighten out the one on top to the side.

Lying side Lateral Lift

Step 2

Lift up the top leg from the ground as high as you can go and put it back down. Repeat the move for 15 to 20 reps.

Switch side and perform the same move on opposite sides for the same number of repetition.  See photo A and B.

Lying side Lateral Lift

Exercise 4: Lying Side Clams

This exercise is similar to a fire hydrant, but unlike hydrants, you will be lying on the floor with your sides. Another easy one for the hips, but super effective for all fitness level.

Beginner modification is with just body weight while an intermediate or advanced person will have to use some sort of resistant band or dumbbell.

How to Perform Lying Side Clams

Step 1

Lie down on the floor with the right side and both legs bent to a 90-degree. Use your right arms to support your head.

Lying side clams

Step 2

Then lift off the top leg high and bring it back down; lift it up and bring down repeat the movement for 15 to 20 reps.

Switch sides and perform the same movement on the other side to complete the process.

Lying side clams

Exercise 5: Lying Side Clam Kicks

How to Perform Lying Side Clam Kicks

Lying side clams

Step 1

Lying on the floor with the right side and both legs bend to a 90-degree. Use your right arms to support your head. See photo A to C

Lying side clams

Step 2

Then lift the top leg high up and kick your foot forward then bring it back and put the entire leg down; repeat the movement for 15 to 20 reps.

Lying Side Clam Kicks

Exercise 6:  Seated Leg Lift

Yes, this is the last one and it sounds simple, yes it is. As simple as the seated Leg lift is, the exercise is a very good move for the hips and quads if done correctly.

How to Perform Seated Leg Lifts

Step 1

Sit down on the floor with one side of your hips leaning back a little and the leg under should be bent while the top leg straight.

seated leg lifts

Step 2

Lift the top leg of the ground as high as you can and bring it right down to start position. Repeat the whole movement for another 15 to 20 reps.

Switch leg and perform the same movement on the opposite side. See photo A and B

You should perform the entire workout 3 to 4 times in a week and not every day, most people make this mistake.

Remember you will have to perform this 6 exercise for another 3 or 4 sets for a complete one-day glute program.

Take 1-3 minutes break in-between each sets to rest, but not too long so your muscle is still warm to perform at it best.

And if you can add at least one or two compound exercise (e.g. Squat or Hip Trust or even Curtsy Lunge) to this program then you will see a much faster result.

Read the article below, in it, I detailed all that is required to grow wider and bigger hips aside from the workout. what to eat, the frequency and intensity of each workout to really see progress.

It also has an 8 minutes intense wider hips workout program you should consider adding to your routine as well.

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