3 Simple Steps to Lose Thigh Fat in a Week (how to lose thigh fat fast)

So, in my post today’s I shared my best three steps on how to lose thigh fat in a week.

These are easy to follow steps that you could take at the moment to really help reduce any extra fat on the thigh

You are guaranteed to start to lose weight in thighs in 1 week by just following these steps.

I know some people might think it is not possible to lose thigh fat in a week.

But like every other body parts, for instance, the thigh can also reduce in just a week if you follow the right system.

I want to tell you a mini story.

If you read my blog you will know I write more on building bigger butt because that is what I have always wanted, considering that there was nothing going around there for me before now.

Before I started seeing an increase in my butt, I worked out for over 10yrs and would do all the steps I highlighted in this article believing they did not matter.

But the result was me even losing the small buttocks I thought I had and my legs reduced as well, which is not in my interest.

And when I retrieved my steps, I began seeing an increase.

So I am giving you the exert steps that were causing me to lose weight on my bums and legs then.

Follow these 3 steps and you will surely lose thigh fat in a week.

#1 Engage in Cardio Exercises

The first thing you want to have in mind when it comes to losing thigh fat or losing fat at any part of your body is to lose weight all over the body.

This you can achieve by doing cardio or any exercise that increases the heart rate and strengthen the legs.

lose thigh fat
lose thigh fat 1 week

Examples of the cardio exercise I recommend are:  jump jack, jump toe-touch, high knees, skipping, swimming, running especially speed race and even high-impact dancing etc.

If you like to workout at home then, get skipping rope and use that to work out, it helps trim the leg.

Or you can even have a dance video you love playing and you dance to it for 30 minutes to 1hr’s time every day to burn calorie off the entire body.

This is a fun way to lose weight as long as you are not eating more than before.

Now, let go in detail on how to lose weight, but lose more on the thighs.

That will bring us to the next step.

Here is what takes to reduce and slim down your thigh fat.


#2 Do Targeted Exercises for The Thigh

In addition to the cardio exercise of your choice, you will have to also do targeted thigh exercises to really slim the fat at that area.

What do I mean by this?

Simple, there are specific thigh exercises that target the leg just like you do ab exercises aimed for just ab reduction and flat tummy. (E.g. crunches, sit-up, and other popular ab exercises).

Likewise the thighs and legs, they have specific exercises to target them.

Combing healthy eating and the exercising tips above is how to lose thigh fat fast.

Here are a few of my favourite targeted leg and thigh exercises to perform.

  • Plié Squat

I have the first one here as plié squat since it is very, very essential in terms of losing thigh fats because it helps work the legs in a way that makes them want to reduce.

this is one of my favourite thigh exercises for losing fat which you can perform anywhere.

In this workout, you will be converting those thigh fats to lean muscles which help generally in toning the muscles and also to reduces it.

That’s the intent of doing this targeted work out.

You don’t want to have a flabby, big fat over there, but you want to have a lean skin.

To perform this exercise:

Simply stand up straight foot wider than the shoulder and pointing out.

Then bend your knee coming down to a squat, hold and go back up. Repeat movement 15 to 20 repetition for 3 sets.

Watch this video to see how you can perform it.

Next exercise you also want to do is:

  • Leg Stretches.

There are so many ways to perform leg stretch, whichever way you are comfortable with to stretch your leg, just go at your own pace and do what you are comfortable doing.

And if you like to follow me, then go to 2.15min of the above video to see how I perform the stretch movement and can follow along

You don’t have to be perfect starting out, you just need to go at your own pace and slowly your leg will start stretching a lot more and burning all those fat.

Next one, you also want to do is:



  • Leg Scissor.

Leg Scissor helps a lot to tone and firm up those thigh muscles especially those inner thigh areas.

To perform this exercise:

Basically, what you to do for this exercise is just to lay down on the floor.

And when you’re lying on the floor, try to raise your leg off the ground while your body is on the floor.

By body, I meant your trunk, the entire back on the floor and shoulder slightly off the ground.

Then cross each leg to the other leg to look like a scissor AND repeat the moves as many time as you can perform.

I do not want to give you numbers here but I’m saying, you should try to always train to failure.

So, next move you want to do is,  jump jack squat.

  • Jump Jack Squat

This is one of my favourite full body workout for strong legs and fat burn.

It works on both increasing your whole-body fat burn, heart rate and at the same time, it works thighs.

It’s a good exercise to incorporate for anybody who wants to lose weight at the same time build lean muscles.

To perform this thigh exercises for losing fat:

You need to come to a wide-angled squat and going back to standing the close your leg and open while you jump up and come back to squatting.

Next exercise is a lunge pause.

  • Lunge Pause

A lunge pause is one that tones and makes those thighs look a lot tighter and slimmer, leaving you with beautiful looking legs.

For this move lunge forward right leg forward and hold there on the lung and pause there for 30 to 45sec release and repeat the move on the left leg.

Doing this is exercises for sure will help you lose thigh fat in a week

The Next exercises is a bridge abduction.

  • Bridge Abduction

This workout can dry up your ass as well, especially if you are on a calorie deficit. (eating less  than your activity for overall  weight loss)

If you’re looking at thigh reduction and as well losing butt fat then this a must for you.

So try and include this in your thigh workout routine.

You might see this workout in my other bigger butt /leg building videos, don’t be afraid.

This workout serves a dual purpose and since you on calorie minus it will be acting to burn and reduce the thigh fat.

And you are already doing your cardio while eating on a low calorie, which leads you to lose fat all over and thigh fat will go down.

Not like when you actually want to build a bigger muscle where you will need to be on a calorie surplus(eat a little more).

To build butt you need to be on a calorie gain and eating specific kind of food you, please read more here on how to grow bigger hips and butt if you are interested in that.

At the moment you just need to be on a calorie deficit, eat less than your activity for the day.

And cut out high-calorie foods sugar and carbonated drinks.

Eat your normal meal but just to lose weight you know there are so many foods that have high calorie, you just want to cut down on those ones that have high calorie and eat more on those that do not have many calories.

#3 Stay Away From Stress

lose thigh fat
lose thigh fat-keep stress in check

The final take I have for you is the fact that you need to stay away from stress because it prevents you from losing weight.

The more stressed you are, the more you are going to feel like eating, the more food you eat, the more fat you’re going to gain and store up on your thigh.

The thing is you can actually be doing cardio and all the exercises I recommend in this post, and still not lose fat just because you are consuming more than before.

This is what stress does to your body, makes you to want to consume anything that comes your way.

In most case, your workout level might not be equivalent to burn enough calorie like you’re eating AND you end up in the same size.

So you have to reduce your stress level, which eventually regulates your appetite.

And the well regulated your appetite, the more you’re going to start losing weight because you won’t be eating too much.

Next thing is also your estrogen level.

 Regulate Estrogen Level

An imbalance estrogen can prevent you from losing fat and make you store them more your thighs.

So try to put yourself in check with foods that to high is like Soy product, and eat more of those that reduce it or balances it.

I have a list of foods I will recommend you eat, they help regulates your estrogen level in the body.

Some will also reduce estrogen level.

  • 12 Foods that Regulates your Estrogen level

  • Avocados
  • Carrots
  • Walnuts & Almonds
  • Quinoa
  • Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Broccoli
  • Green tea
  • Oats and Whole Grains
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Flaxseed
  • Turmeric

This is where we cut it for this post.

Was the information helpful enough? Did you get anything out of it? Feel free to share the article with your friends.

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