3 MIN lazy ab workouts IN Be*d (flat tummy exercises in be*d)

If you are feeling so tired to get up any of those lazy mornings, then be sure to try this 3 minutes ab exercises in bed.


These moves will strengthen your core, oblique and will keep you awake and get you ready for the morning activities.


Yes, no need to keep making excuses! Just do it right now there


Workouts to do 



  • Wide Leg Reach


  • Leg Scissor


  • Wide Side Oblique Crunch


  • Wide Leg Toe Touch


  • Reverse Crunch


  • Oblique Twist


Do 20-30 second of each the moves as shown in the video for 3-4 sets.


Ensure that you engage the core or abs muscles throughout the workout.


And remember to add cardio when you have the time because losing belly fat is a combination of both cardio and targeted core workout.


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