29 Amazing high Protein Foods in Nigeria for weight loss and Muscle growth

Do you know that we have a lot of local Nigerian foods with high protein? Do you even know the benefits of eating high protein foods in Nigeria?

Well, in this article this question on “What African Food Makes Your Bum Bigger”

And I also will be sharing with you 29  Amazing High protein Foods in Nigeria and why you need to eat more of them.


So why do you need high protein foods in Nigeria? 

well, eating our local  foods high in protein is very important because:

  • It helps you remain full for a longer time – This results in you eating less calorie in a day and the less calorie you eat, the more you will lose weight. Plus, it also helps regulates your weight.
  • It Helps burn belly fat – Studies have shown that those who eat more protein tend to lose more belly fat than those who feed heavily on carbohydrate meals.
  • It helps build Lean muscles – If you read any of my post on how to grow bigger muscles, you will notice that I mention protein a lot and that is because protein is the primary food category that helps grow muscle. It helps for muscle repair and development of new cells and tissue thereby creating muscle increase.

What African Food Makes Your Bum Bigger?

Many women and men out there with a pot belly is a result of bad food choices.  Most of our food is carbohydrate & fat heavy and due to this, the majority of us struggle to:

  • Lose weight
  • Burn belly fat
  • And build lean muscle.

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We literally consume a lot of those food group every day which is not right, if the proportions are not right.

Though fat and carbs are a part of supper butts foods, their portion does not have to be higher than protein them to help gain lean muscle buttocks and less body fat.

I personally experienced all this myself. I struggled for years trying to build up my flat ass and reduce my belly fat with no result to show.

Not until I realized that I was eating too many carbs whereas protein was the main catalysts to achieving my dream body, complemented with fat and carb and off cause exercise as well.

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I started reducing my carbohydrate and fat consumption and then ate more protein. My results since have doubled within the shortest time.

So if you want to achieve any of the above then this list should be your best friend if you leave here in Nigeria or you enjoy home food leaving any else around the world.

Anyway, let’s run down the list


29 Local Nigerian Foods High in Protein

Just think of this list when you want a real recommendation of Nigerian foods with high protein.

If you are a vegetarian, I have included some plant-based local Nigerian foods high in protein you can enjoy as well.

Go through and have it handy for reference.

#1 Fish

high protein food in nigeria

Fish, for the most part, is an amazing source of protein.

All kinds of fish, in whatever form they come are a very rich source of protein.

Be it croaker, shiny, scumbia etc. even the canned Sardine, Titus and the brothers,

all are rich sources of protein.

They all are high protein foods. 3–ounce serving of fish contains about 26grams of protein

And it’s also a good source of omega 3 which is a healthy fat to help protect the body from sickness and diseases. According to Cleveland Clinic 

 #2 Cow Meat

red cow meat 1Cow meat as you know is one of the abundant meat categories we have here in Nigerian and it is high in protein.

It is less expensive when compared to other meat families with very high health benefits.

Cow meat is red meat and you may argue that it is not very healthy because of the saturated fat content in it.

I will say it is fine to eat cow meat at any time. All you have to do is to buy only the “‘fat-free” part of the meat.

Not Tozo or Kampala – you understand what I mean!!

The picture above is an example of cow meat without fat versus the one with fat a.k.a “tozo” below.

To make your cow meat even more fat-free, simply dry the meat.

You can smoke dry it or grill it.

Even if you can’t do any of the above,

I recommend you eat it every once in a while, like once to twice in a week.

This one of the super butts foods so if you ever wonder What African Food Makes Your Bum Bigger, here is your answer “lean red meat”

 #3 Chicken or Turkey

chicken lap

This is another good source of protein, my second best type of animal protein. The first is fish.

They are the most recommended alternative for cow meat, but make sure you remove the skin.

That is where it has most of its fat. Remember also to remove all the misplaced fat on the meat itself if you want it be as lean as possible

#4  Soya Milk

Vegetarian! This is for you. It’s a plant-based high protein source with all the amino acids/protein component.

A glass contains about 6 -10 grams of protein.

This is equivalent to an equal amount of animal milk which is presumed to be higher in most case.

Beside that it has only healthy fat, making it a very healthy option when sources of protein and to lower body fat.

#5 Polk Meat

Pork is another good source of protein.  However, the only disadvantage here is the fat content in it.

It has an amount of protein equivalent to cow meat, but it also has a lot of fat.

So be careful with how much you consume whenever you choose to eat it.

 #6 Dog Meat

Yes dog meat, this is for my Akwa Ibom brothers and sister. Dog meat is also very high in protein.

100gram (3.5oz) of dog meat contains about 19gram protein.

So this is a good eat for those you who love it or would like to try it.

I have personally eaten it before and I think it’s delicious.

#7 Bush Meat

I know most us like bush meat. I love it too, but I don’t eat it just because it’s not easy to get a hold of the one that is not strangled.

It is also a good source of protein as well and you can try to get a bladed one with the blood out.

#8 Goat Meat

gaot meat Peppersoup

Another Nigerian foods high in protein is goat meat.

I personally love it when it is used for pepper soup or stew. The aroma is one in a million!!!

A piece of goat meat about marches box contains almost 17gram of protein.

It is also a less fatty animal protein.

#9 Okra Soup

okro-soup-boiling-pot-Amongst some other vegetables, okra has a lot of protein and when prepared as a soup,  protein even becomes higher than you can imagine.

Just make sure you are not using a bag of baked garri to eat a small plate of okra soup.

Be watchful of the palm oil you add because that is saturated fat. Not very healthy for weight loss or fat control though.

Okra is also packed with a lot of valuable nutrients. Amongst it is, it ’s high fibre content which helps you remain fuller for long.

Most of which is soluble fibre in the form of gums and pectins. Learn more about this here

And yes this very delicious soup… I love it!! You should try eating more of it.


#10 Egusi Soup

egusi soup

Egusi is found in the legumes family with very high protein, vitamin A, C and calcium for the bones.

Preparing it with your meat and crayfish only makes the protein level even higher than you can imagine.

About 11oz of Egusi soup contain 43gram of protein. High, isn’t it? Maybe you should start eating more Egusi soup.

#11 Crayfish


Am sure you are familiar with the popular saying “Na condition make crayfish bend” yes, even with the bad condition.

crayfish is still one of the high protein Foods in Nigeria.

And it’s a nice addition to any soup of your choice, including jellof rice beans and porridge etc.

#12 Soya Beans

soya beansDo you know you can make soya bean soup? I have tried this before and it was super delicious.

The preparation is similar to making Egusi soup. ½ cup of cooked soya bean contains 14 grams of protein.

Soya bean is a plant-based protein with a complete protein component found only in animal proteins.

This is an abundant one for those vegan readers here on my blog. It is one most comment plant protein butts foods to consider if you want a bigger booty.

#13 Beans

local beansBeans is another wonderful Nigerian food that is high in protein and we have so many amazing ways to prepare our beans! Including and not limited to pottage Akara, Moi Moi, or Ewa Riro etc.

It is also vegetarian high protein Nigerian food because it is a plant.

The disadvantage of beans is that it bloats a lot of people and I think the bloating is a result of how we combine it or eat.

For instance, if I eat beans with drinking garri, I get gassy and all bloated. This is the common way we like to combine and maybe some people use bread.

I love beans but this effect it has on me this has made me want to stay away from it for long.

Just recently I discovered that if I eat beans, cabbages and carrot together, I don’t get bloated, so  I started eating it again.

It is funny how these two went well in my stomach considering the fact that cabbage is high bloating food for some people.

#14 Cocoyam


I use to think that cocoyam was sorely carbohydrate, but I recently discovered it is high in protein.

It has about 4.8% protein higher than other Tubers in it family

And it also has other amazing health benefits 

It can be consumed in so many different ways, e.g.  Roasted, cooked, fried, baked, pounding, milling etc.

In my place, it is used in making soup as well.

Have you heard of “ofe Ede”? That is cocoyam soup we are talking about.

#15 Peanut butter

Peanut butter2 Tablespoons full of Peanut butter has about 8 grams protein and healthy fat (unsaturated fat).

It will serve as good high protein snacks if eaten with wheat bread.

#16 Groundnuts


Groundnut is also a great High protein Foods in Nigeria for vegetarians. Popularly eaten with bread and garri. It is used to prepare Groundnut soup which is very delicious especially when it is a fried groundnut soup.

A handful of groundnut contains about 9grams of protein. This is a great snack for weight management.

#17 Protein Shakes

This is one of my favourite ways of ensuring I get enough protein and energy to carry out a long session of glute training on my glute days.

Here is a video post on how I make my protein shake with just four inexpensive items. A full cup of this shake contains over 35g of protein. Rich right?????

Read more on the benefits of protein shake and how to make one yourself

 #18 Guinea corn

guinea cornGuinea corn has so many nutrients amongst them is its high protein content and it is also called sorghum.

100g of guinea corn has about 11.30 g of protein.

#19 Wheat


Wheat is another way to go if you are trying to lose weight and build any other body part?

It has in it, high in protein, fibre and other vitamins and minerals good for health.

Some might debate that too much of it is not good for the health and I will say too much of any food is not good for the health.

That is why God gave us varieties of food so we can combine food differently and get the benefit.

I eat the right amount of wheat almost every day in form of swallow or bread.

A cup of wheat contains 11 grams of protein

#20 Wheat Bread

wheat breadWheat bread is the most recommended bread option for weight management or weight loss and even bodybuilders who cannot do without bread.

Though not tasty, you sure can make it better.

I have my wheat bread with stew in between 2 slices and sometimes I have it with eggs (fried or boiled)

#21 Egg

EggEgg is one of the cheapest sources of protein in Nigerian. A single egg contains 7g of protein.

You can either eat the full egg or throw away the yolk since it contains more cholesterol and does not have much of the protein in it.

Eating 2 to 3 eggs a day will help pump up your protein level for the day.

#22 Yogurt

This is one common dairy protein you can see here in Nigeria. You can even see them in traffic.

1 cup of yoghurt contains about 8-12 grams of protein, so it’s a really High protein Foods in Nigeria.

I recommend you check the label for the protein content when you buy them so you are sure of the quantity/quality of what you are eating.

#23 Oats (2.4g)

quaker oatmeal

This is my first choice of breakfast because of its high protein, fibre and carbohydrate content. It keeps me full for a longer time before I eat my other meal.

No list of Nigerian foods high in protein is complete without the mention of Quaker oats as breakfast for some days.

100gram contains 2.5 grams of protein.

#24 Locust Beans

locust beansSimilar to the regular beans, locust beans are also another glorious source of protein. This is recommended for vegetarians and can be prepared and eaten in so many different ways

#25 Fresh Cow Milk.

cow milkA cup of fresh cow milk has about 8g protein. Drinking 1 cup milk in a day will go a long way with your muscle growth and weight regulation.

And if you’re skinny and would want to add some weight, then it will be ideal to take 3-5 cups a day. If you are fat, just stick to 2 to 3 cups a day or better still take soya milk only. I will talk about that in a beat.

#26 Tiger nut

tiger nut1(100pieces = 7 gram protein) This is another plant-based high protein food in Nigeria.  I snack on this one a lot.

It has a lot of health benefits. The fiber in it is also amazing including other nutrients Vitamins such as E and C.

A Good Source of Magnesium, Potassium and it helps protects one against Cardiovascular Diseases.  It even cures Erectile Dysfunction.

tiger nut

Tiger nuts are also good for children….  other benefits of tiger nut can be found here as well 

#27 Mushroom

MushroomYes, mushroom is another local Nigerian food with high protein. Delicious and nutritious in so many ways.

Mushroom contains protein, fibre, B vitamins (especially niacin), vitamin C, calcium, and selenium a mineral for healthy skin.

100 of mushroom contains about 2.5grams protein.

#28 Pumpkin fruit/Seed

Pumpkin seeds are also a great source of protein. 4-6 seeds are equal to 8 grams of protein.

This will be a great eat for vegetarians expect that it is not too common to find the seed easily.

But start with a seed and add it to your meal every now and then if you find one.

#29 Walnut

100g of walnut contains 15.23 grams of protein. That is huge. This is good to add up to your daily meal plan so as to maximize your protein in a day.

Walnut has other health benefits of which, I am particularly thrilled that it helps improve brain inferential reasoning due to its high content of folate, melatonin, omega-3 fats, vitamin E, and antioxidants.

So here you have the list of 29 High protein Foods in Nigeria, I hope I was able to clarify you on What African Food Makes Your Bum Bigger.

There are more to this weight loss and Big Butts Foods list, go check out this list it has over 90 foods for the bum and the ideal for weight management too.

Which is your favorite?

And which have you not eaten that you want to give a trial, especially, prior to reading this article?

I would like to know.  Leave your comment below.

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