When is the Best Time to Eat for Buttocks Growth & Fat Lose (Before or After Your Workout?) Best time to eat for wider hips

I am very sure you have hard that there is best time to eat for fat loss, buttocks growth and wider hips. In this post I will talked at length on the Best Time to Eat for Buttocks Growth/wider hips growth & Fat loss

Am sure you are familiar with these saying:

Don’t skip breakfast, breast is the best meal of day, don’t eat late at night, skip breakfast and so many of them.

And now you’re wondering which is the best advice and when is the best time to eat for your goal.

Should I eat before my workout or after my workout if am trying to lose fat?

How about if am trying to grow my butt, when should I eat?

In this post, I will provide the answer to the following questions to clear all your doubt, .

So here are questions we will cover, please feel free skip to the section that applies to you:

  • When is the Best Time to Eat for Buttocks Growth?
  • What the best time to eat to lose weight?
  • When is the best time to eat to lose stomach fat?
  • When is best time to eat for flat belly?
  • When’s the best time to eat protein?
  • When’s best time to eat for wider hips?
  • Should you eat fruit before or after your meal?

And here we go.

So is there REALLY a best time to eat?

The answer will depend on whether you’re working out regularly and what you are working on.

And yes there is best time to eat for different purpose.

You need to plan your meals around your goals and workouts in order to get results faster.

What is the best time to eat to lose weight?

If you are trying to lose any body part there is no really best time to eat.

The best time is what workout for you.

However some studies have shown that the best time eat if you’re trying to lose weight, is after your morning workout.

The studies claimed that it allows your body to burn and continue burning stored body fat during your workout.

And if you workout in the evening, the advice is that you try to eat much earlier in the afternoon so your body can quickly start using your body fat storage during your workout session as against the food you just eat.

This will apply to you if you are trying to Lose weight and any body part, including and not limited to the ones below:

 My take on this.

I WILL say the time you eat is not as important as your overall calorie intake when trying to lose weight or body fat.

You have to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat on any part of your body.

Eating time just helps facilitate the process.

When is The Best Time to Eat to Lose Stomach Fat?

How about when you are trying to lose stomach or belly fat? Should You Eat Before or After Your Workout?

Well in my experience, it doesn’t make a difference. I have heard time when ate before my abs workout and times when I did not eat before my workout for months and still do not notice any increase my belly fat loss.

But whenever I really get serious on watching my calorie, in just weeks I see the difference. overall calorie makes the most difference.

My take on this:

Do you!!

I personally like to eat after each of my workout whenever I am trying to lose body fat, because those helps me manage calories more.

This way I can fast till late morning before eating breakfast helping reduce my food craving.

Whereas if am trying to build up, I eat before, after my workout and anytime I so wish.

 So do you!

Figure out what works for you. Here are some suggestion:

  • You can workout in the morning before eating (this is my preferred)
  • or You can workout much later in the day after breakfast(1meal)
  • You can also workout in the day after  your lunch (2 meals)
  • Or have a full meal after your workout

Should you eat meals in-between your workout?

I do not recommend your eat during your workout session.

It really will not help in any way, in fact I belief on a fat lose phase you can easily lose track of you total calorie.

This can make you eat above your deficit calorie

Calories deficit is what brings about the most fat lose.

The only time this might work is if you normal would pre-plan all your meals to make sure you are eating within your deficit calorie on a fat lose and surplus calorie on a weight gain.

For more details on managing your calorie please read this post.

My advice to you is that you try different methods and pick whatever works best for your body.

When is the Best Time to Eat for Buttocks Growth, Muscle Growth or for Wider Hips?

So how about your buttock and muscles or hips growth, does it matter when you eat?

In my experience it really still does not mater, however it does matter when you eat your protein which I will talk about later below.

The most important thing is you eat a little more calorie over your maintenance calorie when trying to grow muscle, be butt, hips, thigh, arms or boob.

This is called surplus.

Then you need eat the right amount of your macros i.e. Protein, carbs and fat.

Here is a good calorie calculator to use and calculate your calories and macros to meet your nutrient need.

YOU also need your veggie and you are good to go.

Amongst all the food class mentioned above, protein should be your priority in terms of when to eat it.

Protein is the number one butt or muscle growth food. They are what grows and develops your muscles directly.

A good source of protein list can be find in this other post.

This eating pattern applies to you if you’re trying to:

  • Grow wider hips
  • Grow your butt
  • Grow your upper back, arms chest and shoulders.
  • Grow bigger thigh and legs etc.

My take on this:

You can eat before, after, during your workout and even throughout the day.

It won’t change a thing.

When’s the best time to eat protein to grow booty?

The best time to eat your proteins is immediately after your butt workout.

This will help increase protein synthesis and will help for quick abruption of the protein in your muscle leading to faster buttocks or muscle growth.

And you can read more on your daily protein requirement here

When’s best time to eat for wider hips?

The best time to eat for wider hips is anytime as stated above on buttocks growth section.

It could be before, after or during your hips workout just like I stated above, but mostly eat your protein high meal immediately after your hips work.

Should you eat fruit before or after your meal?

The answer to this will depend on your health condition, so I will suggest you consult your doctor for his recommendation base on your health history.

But if you do not have any health condition, then here is my suggestion.

You can eat fruits 30 minute to an hour before your meal or after you noticed your meal have properly digested. Some fruits might be good to eat with some meal and not good with some meal.

For instance, acidic fruit works best with protein while alkaline fruits go best with carbs, but I don’t really like to bother myself with all that so I just simply skip fruits during my meal and eat them later.

Eating Fruits immediately after eating your meal or while eating can hot your system on a long run.

It can result in the fermentation of the food, which may hot your digestive problems.

For more read on this topic please check out this article.

This is it for this post, hope I was able to answer your question well enough?

What is your main body goal?

I personally like to grow my butt and keep my abs as flat as I can.

Let me know how I can help you more, you can leave your answer below or send me email here me@amabigail.com

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