Top 10 Killer Lower Abs Workout for Women at Home (NO EQUIPMENT) Best Lower Ab Workout

If you are looking to get rid of those lower belly fat, here is my top 10 Killer Lower Abs Workout for Women at Home. No equipment required for these exercises and yet they so effective for the lower abs and they are just the best lower ab workout for women I will always recommend.

Lower abs workout are always not so popularly talked about and yet if you don’t train the lower ab muscle, your belly will simply look like you swallowed a rabbit.

That is why I created this top 10 lower belly exercises for you so you can control the belly.

One quick tip for you,

Please always remember to mind your eating if you want to notice changes on your body whenever you’re exercising. Losing lower fat will need you to lose overall body.

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The guide will show you how to eat, enjoy your meal and still lose lower belly fat at home

So lets take look at my best lower abs workout for today.

Top 10 Killer Lower Abs Workout for Women at Home with NO EQUIPMENT

#1. Reverse Plank Knee Tuck.

This is one of my best lower ab workouts for ladies and the thing is this single exercise is working not just the lower abs, but it also works your entire body. you will be burning fat quickly off from those problem areas when performing this move.

Your Abs, arms, back, butt and legs will feel the burn from making this one move.

To perform this lower ab exercise, follow the steps below and look at the graphics below or video above for a visual guide.

How to perform Reverse Plank Knee Tuck for lower ab fat burn:

  • Step 1

Start by sitting on the floor with your leg straight out in front.

  • Step 2

Then place your hands to the ground behind you in straight alignment with your shoulder, fingers pointing front.

Lift your butt off from the floor and hold up there on the top.

  • Step 3

Then bring your knee toward your chest and crunch your ab muscle while keeping your butt up as high as you can with your back straight as well.

Drop your starting leg down and perform the same move on other leg.

You want to alternate this movement for 30 to 45 seconds on both legs squeezing your core.

#2. Windshield Wiper One Leg Reach

This move works your lower abs and your oblique. If you have wider waist like I do, then this might be you go to exercise.

How to perform Windshield Wiper One Leg Reach:

  • Step 1

Start by lying on your back on the ground, raise your legs to a 90 degrees up.

  • Step 2

Spread your arms to the sides straight out for support.

  • Step 3

Rotate your legs to one side, with under knee bent and the top leg pointing to your side you are rotating to.

Then stop just before your hips touches the floor and rotate to opposite side, pointing your foot out too.

Keep your back on the floor and try to control the motion using your ab and oblique muscle. YOU SHOULD feel your oblique stretching here.

#3. Plank Knee or Leg Tucks

This is a great move to work both your lower and upper abs and your arm as well.

How to perform Plank Knee or Leg Tucks

  • Step 1

First you want to start in a full Plank position with palms resting on the floor.

Your hands in line with your shoulders to form a straight line from your shoulders to your heels.

  • Step 2

Squeeze in you your core/ lower ab muscle as you bring your right knee toward your right elbow or to the chest.

  • Step 3

Reverse back to starting position and bring the left leg toward your chest.

Keep alternating in-between legs for 30 to 45 seconds.

#4. Vacuum on a Bridge

This is very easy looking lower belly exercise but not so easy to do exercises. this exercise is supper effective for the lower and for that general smaller waist look.

it’s also a great exercise for the glute.

How to perform Vacuum Exercise.

  • Step 1

Start by lying on your back, then lift your butt up from the ground and hold stationary in that position.

Hands on the floor or on your waist.

  • Step 2

Then breathe in through your nose slowly and take a deep breath in, filling in your lungs up with air.

Pull in your belly muscle inside and try hold it in for 3 to 5 sec while you are still inhaling and exhaling.

  • Step 4

Release for 2 seconds and squeeze abs back in for 3to5sec.

You want to perform this exercise 30sec to 1minutes.

#5. Cow Crunches

This is one not so talked about easy lower ab exercise for ladies.

It is similar to donkey kicks for glute, but here the attention is focused on the lower abs and crunching as you bring your leg in toward your elbow.

How to perform Cow Crunches

  • Step 1

Start on your fours, hand directly under your shoulder and belly squeezed in.

  • Step 2

Lift your left leg off the ground and extend straight to the back.

  • Step 3

Then bring the extended leg back in to your chest and crunch your lower ab muscle. Take the leg straight back and bring it in toward elbow or chest and crunch.

Repeat the motion for 30 to 45 second on the left leg before switching to the right leg.

#6. Baby Plank.

The baby plank is a variation of the static plank with the main difference on your knee positioning . For static plank you are to straighten your legs and in baby plank, you keep your knee bent and off from the floor.

How to perform Baby Plank for Lower Ab.

  • Step 1

Start by coming to the floor with your hands directly under your shoulders.

Then you want to slightly bend your knees  and lift the knee up from the floor.

  • Step 2

Hold in that position while pulling in your core and breathing steadily.

You want to be in that position for 45sec or 1 minute before releasing your knee back down.

#7. Flutter Kicks.

The secret to getting the reward from this workout is to stick your lower back on the floor the entire time while you flex your core muscle inside as you alternate kicking and dropping each leg.

How to perform Flutter Kicks

  • Step 1

Start lying on your back with your legs extended up and your arms are spread to the sides, alongside your hips, your palms down.

  • Step 2

Press or stick your low back into the floor or mat.

Alternate dropping one leg after the other leg half way toward the ground and bring it back up.

#8. Mountain Climber.

This one move adds a cardiovascular effect to your core workout making it an efficient easy fat burner to melt away of those lower belly fat very quickly.

How to perform Mountain Climbers

  • Step 1

Starting in a high plank, your palms flat on the ground, hands in line with your shoulder

  • Step 2

Extended leg straight behind, keeping your core engaged.

  • Step 3

Drive your right knee toward your chest as you crunch your lower abs.

Then return leg to starting position and immediately draw your left knee to your chest.

Continue alternating the motion as quickly as possible for 30 to 45 seconds

Try to keep your core engaged and your back flat throughout the entire time.

#9.  Single Leg Drops.

Leg drops one my favorite low impart lower ab workout for ladies.

This should always be in your core exercise list if you really want those lower belly gone.

How to perform Leg Drops

  • Step 1


Lie down on a mat or floor, then raise your legs up to a 90-degree with your upper body.

  • Step 2

Tighten your abs muscles and especially the lower, then slowly drop down your right leg while keeping left leg up.

2 or 3 inches before reaching your right leg to the floor, bring your right leg back up while using your core muscle to control the move.

Then repeat the same move on the left leg with a slow and controlled move for about 2 to 3 inches to the ground and back up.

You want to perform this for 30 to 45 seconds

Single leg drops is great for both beginners and advance, you’ll certainly feel your lower ab burning when you do this easy lower ab workout move for the set time.

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#10. Reverse Crunches.

If you really want to sculpted and trim those lower core fat this is the workout for you.

You will have to master this move because it can quickly do wonders for you if you follow the proper form for doing exercise.

How to perform Reverse crunches

  • Step 1

Lie on the ground or mat with your back while keeping your knees together up and bent in a 90-degree angle.

Hands under your head or spread to the sides.

  • Step 2  

 Press and stick your lower back into the floor and pull in your lower belly to lift your feet off of the floor.

    Using your core muscle lift your hips up moving them away from the floor and straighten the leg on the lift.

  • Step 3

In a control motion drop your hips back down and bend back your knee to 90-degree.

Repeat motion as quickly as you can without using momentum to power your reps.

Try to focus on squeezing the abs muscle as you lift your hips up.

So this the final one on this top 10 Killer Lower Abs Workout for Women at Home with NO EQUIPMENT.

They are all beginner friendly and my best lower ab workout for women till date.

If you like to follow along this routine please watch the video below and above from the beginning of this post to workout with me.

Hope this has helped you?

Please don’t forget share and let me know what your think of the exercises in the comment box below.

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