4 Useful Tips on How to Lose Weight with Busy Schedule

Losing weight on a busy schedule is as easy as applying these steps from this article on how to lose weight with a busy schedule I created for you.

You really want to lose weight, but your busy work and makes it impossible, well I like to first assure you that you can do it with a proper laid out plan.

In this article I will be sharing with you exercising tips, a sample weight loss meal plan to help you create a plan yourself and finally I will give you my best meal kit delivery service for weight loss.

So let’s get started.

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4 Useful Tips on How to Lose Weight with Busy Schedule

When you are trying to lose weight on a busy schedule, the first thing to do is to always plan ahead.

You need to start thinking of the amount of weight you are looking to lose in a set period of time.

Then you have to calculate the calculate your weight loss calorie. To calculate your weight, lose calories please use  this calorie calculator  or use My Fitness Pal App on your phone. If you do have it download it.

When you have gotten your weight loss calorie to follow this steps below and you will make faster progress.

  • #1- Pre-Plan Your Weight Loss Meal Plan

So what you want to do here is to cook your meal for the entire week on a work-free day. Then you have pack and preserve them in a refrigerator. And if you don’t like to cook and maybe you don’t even a have free day in the entire week, then you might to outsources the cooking and the cook specification on how you want your food to be made.

  • #2 – Eat High Nutrient Dense Food

Numerous studies have shown that one of the main reason people don’t lose weight while trying is due to poor food choices. You see there are food that are so high calories and less filling which makes above your weight loss calories without even knowing it.

And there are Nutrients dense foods that stays long your system and even provide your body with necessary nutrient to improve your metabolism which leads to more fat burn.

Few examples of nutrient-dense food are as follows:

  1. Carbs: yam, rice, whole wheat bread, potatoes
  2. Protein: Chicken, fish, lean beef, soybean, kidney beans etc. (More Protein list here)
  3. Fat: olive oil, nuts, avocado

You also have to include a little bit of fruit and more vegetables in your meal daily.

Here is a sample Weight loss meal plan to guide you


  • ½ cup oatmeal
  • Fat-free whip cream
  • ¼ cup of berries
  • Top with 1tsp of peanut butter


  • Orange or grapefruit
  • 10-14 Unsalted nuts


  • 1 can of Tuna
  • 3 slices of wheat bread
  • 1 tbsp. of mayo
  • 2cups of salad (cabbage, carrot cucumber)
  • A low-fat dressing


  • 2 handful of Unsalted cashew nut 


  • 2-4 oz. of lean beef
  • 2 cup of vegetable/salad
  • 3-4 oz. yam or potato


  • 2-4 Garden egg

My Best meal kit delivery service for weight loss

Purple carrot is my best meal kit delivery service for weight loss. This will come in handy on days you are not able to prepare something yourself. And the good part is that their meals are very affordable.

The next step, you have to either choose step 3 or step 4 to complement your healthy eating.

  • #3- Perform High-Intensity Short Exercise Session 3 times per week

Most time people do not reach their weight loss goal because their job is sedentary, but to lose weight you need to be active use up more energy than you consume.

And the best what way get active on a busy work schedule is to go for high-intensity workout session within less amount of time.

Studies have shown that this type of training system burns more calories within a short time.

That means you don’t have to spend hours working out. But 10 to 20 minutes a day enough.

One way to intensify your workout so you don’t spend too much time on it is to lifts weight.

You can try 30 to 40 seconds squatting with dumbbells, weighted burpee, Lunges and mountain climbers then finalize with sit-ups

Next step applies to you if you don’t like to exercise.

  • #4 – Walk it off or Office chores

In this case, you have to make a conscious effort to walk at the slightest opportunity you have. Be it when going to work or while coming back home or even during tea or lunch breaks at the office.

Think of what you could extra to burn more energy/calorie. Sometimes it could mean going to pick up a document from the printer instead of sending your assistance. So this is where we wrap it for this post. Apply the steps above and you will begin to see your body lose weight quickly than expected

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