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How to Get Bigger Lower Legs Fast| Best Thick Ankles and Calf Exercises for Women

Hey! Do you have skinny legs, precisely skinny calves, and skinny ankles? Do you want to learn  How to Get Bigger Lower Legs Fast?

Well, in this post I will take you through steps to having big legs.  And I am also including some of my best exercises for a skinny leg.

Last week I got this question in my email “how to get bigger lower legs fast” and I said to myself you have not created any post on this topic yet.

So today, I decided to write this article to show you how you can actually build up your lower legs especially if your thighs are already big and your ankles and calves are the skinny part.

Yes, the majority of the lower body workout out there works more to increase the thigh muscle. Only a few them really strengthen and grows the calves and ankles.

And in today’s post, we will see all that you need to do to grow bigger ankles and calves without interfering on the thighs.

First thing first, if you read any of my bigger booty articles or even watch my bodybuilding videos; you will notice I talk so much about what to eat to get thicker a lot.

The same principle I talk about in those articles applies here, in building calf muscles and the ankles, your diet is very important.  

Then comes the workout. Without those two nothing is going to work.

Let’s go through what you need to eat and exercises for skinny legs you need to be doing.

So are you ready to see How to Get Bigger Lower Legs Fast?  alright, let’s go!

#1. Diet

If you plan to successfully grow your ankles and calves you should plan on having all the macronutrient I will list below in your meal every day. 


The key to increasing any muscle set is Protein. This is what makes muscles to grow stronger and bigger.

Protein is what helps to generate new tissues and serves as repair mechanism on old damaged muscles, which in turn leads to an increase in the muscle size. Read more on that here.

You cannot build noticeable legs size if you don’t eat enough protein every day.

I personally recommend you drink a glass of protein shake before your start anybody gain activity and after the workout.

This is totally optional.  As long as your pre-workout meal is high in protein, you will still grow the legs if the quantity is enough.

The daily protein recommendation is 1 to 3gram of protein equal to a kilogram of your body.

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Try to also eat carbohydrate, fat in small quantity a day with more fruits and veggies in your meal so you are not deficient in any nutrient.

Carbohydrates & Fat:

You will need to also have carbs and healthy fat in your meal because they are the primary energy source to fuel the workout sessions.

Without them in your meal, you will be burn protein in your muscle as fuel for energy to carry out the workout.

That is why I recommend take a shake because it contains about every nutrient you will need during your training.

Please note that drinking shake is optional. You can eat any meal very high both plant and animal protein as your pre and post-workout meal.


Do not neglect eating vegetable and fruits because they will help provide you with vitamins and minerals for a complete muscle formation.

Drink lots of water:

I know, you have heard this a lot, yes!!

But that is because water helps your body in a whole lot of ways, starting from detoxifying your system to reducing diseases and sickness.

It flushes excess nitrogen off your body.

Is also helps you retain muscle mass while losing body fat which generally looks good on you because you won’t be having fat in the area you do not want.

When you are eating more food for YOUR muscle gain especially protein, you are simply putting more load on the kidney.

And for your kidney to function properly you need to drink plenty of water.

If you do not take enough water daily, the kidney will transfer some the load to your liver and when this happens, you will start to burn less fat which actually slows down the lean muscle building process.

Leaving you to do so much work with fewer result. Read more health benefit of water here

Health experts recommend you drink 6 to 8 glasses a day to stay healthy, but if you are eating more to build muscle you will need 3x that quantity.

#2. Exercises

So when it comes to growing bigger ankles and calves, you will need to l do some direct calf workouts for mass and ankles.

And the fact is this really works; millions have seen results doing them and you too can!

Skinny calves and skinny ankles might be due to genetics or hereditary, but they can get bigger if you work on them relentlessly.

The fact that you are reading this article on how to get bigger legs shows you are making a really serious effort.

And I am right here to give you some of my best leg workouts for mass.

The next part is the application. It’s going to be hard, I mean the exercises! But not that hard.

So here are my best calf exercises and ankle workout you can do to grow big legs.

Best calves and Ankle workouts 

I have classified the workouts for various fitness levels: beginners, intermediates and advanced.

Start at any level you are comfortable with.

Beginners are those who have never workout out before or following a program for over 2 weeks and those who have not done any serious activity in months /years.

Intermediates: These are persons who have or are very active and have followed a workout program for over 1 month to two or more.

Advanced: are those that are very active.

Please watch this video for better insight and virtual demonstration on how to perform the exercises correctly.  

Ankles and Calves Workout for Beginner (Week one to Week 4 Body Weight)

(Beginner program)

For those who have never workout out before or following a program for over 2 weeks and those who have not done any serious activity in months /years.

  • Standing Calf Raises

Calf raises is one of the common leg exercises to strengthen and build up the legs, performed with little effort. It is one of the best and can never go out of date.

How to perform Standing Calf Raises
Step 1

Stand with your feet parallel with each other, shoulder-width apart. Raise your heels off the ground so that you are standing on your feet,

ankles and calves
Step 2

Then slowly lower your heels back down and repeat the moves 10 to 20reps for 3sets a day. Do this for 3times a week.

ankles and calves
Step 3

If your ankle is weak or you have balancing issues then hold on to the wall or you can perform this exercise with your back against a wall.

For more resistance and advanced variation then grab a weight or any heavy object in front of you and try to perform the same moves with the weight.

This will build up and strengthen your ankles and calves muscles to make them bigger.

  • Alleviated Calf Raises

This is similar to the standing calf’s raises. It’s just that you will need to stand on something higher from the floor. It could be any solid object, a dumbbell or a flat surface. See images

How to perform Alleviated Calf Raises
Step 1

Standing to with half of your foot on the platform and the other half off the surface.

Alleviated Calf Raises
Step 2

Then raise your heels up higher from the surface then lower yourself down and repeat the movement for 10 to 20 repetitions for 3 set a day 3 times a week.

Alleviated Calf Raises
  • Tip Toe Walking

This is you walking on a stop with your heels off the ground. Perform the movement for like 30sec to 1 minutes for 3 sets a day and 3 times a week.

How to perform Tip Toe Walking
Step 1

Stand on your toes not holding on to something.

Step 2

Trying to hold on to the stand and walk around for 30sec to 1 minutes. Relax for 1 minutes and repeat additional 2 set.

Please see this  video

  • Seated Calf Raises

This moves requires you to do calf raises while seating on a chair. Follow these steps:

How to perform Seated Calf Raises
Step 1

Sit on a chair with your leg extended out straight to the front

Seated Calf Raises
Step 2

Using your ankles, lift your heels off the ground and squeeze the calves and ankle muscles on the top. Hold for 2-4second there and Lower your heels back down to start.

Seated Calf Raises

You can alternate performing this move on a single leg and both legs simultaneously.

(Intermediates /Advanced Program)

IF you have been working out for about a month or more and your legs are strong enough now, then it is time to start doing the legs workouts below.

These are those who have been training using body weight for a month plus.

Items you will need are Dumbbell or any heavy solid object at home and an ankle weight.

  • Seated Dumbbell Calf Raises

For this move, perform calf raise with a dumbbell on your lap while sitting on a chair.

How to perform seated Dumbbell calf raises.
Step 1

Sit on a chair with your leg extended out straight to the front.

Place a weight I am using a 30kg dumbbell here. This could be any heavy object, be it dumbbells, barbell or even a container filled with water

Step 2

Then using your ankles, lift the object up, heels off the ground and squeeze the calves and ankle muscles

Hold for 2-4second on a lift and lower your heels back down to start.

For more challenge alternate performing this move on a single leg and both legs simultaneously

  • Weighted Ankle Rotation

For this workout, you will need an ankle weight and chair.

Step 1

Sitting on chair wear an 8kg dumbbell on your foot then straighten out your legs in front.

Weighted Ankle Rotation
Step 2

Rotate your foot from your ankles in cycler motion alternating the directions. Do this for 3o to 60second

Weighted Ankle Rotation

Then rest for 20 seconds and repeat another 2 sets making it total of 3 sets.

Perform the workout 3 or 4 times a week for maximum result.

  • Weighted Ankle Lifts
Step 1

Sitting on a chair with your legs in front or extended out straight.

Weighted Ankle Rotation
Step 2

Wear an 8 or 10k Dumbbell ankle weight on your foot, then lower the object by pointing your feet slowly downward. Then using your ankles, lift the object back up

Weighted Ankle Rotation

Then rest for 20 seconds and repeat another 2 sets making it total of 3 sets.

Perform the workout 3 or 4 times a week for maximum result.

  • Tip Toe Squats/Plie Squat

To begin this workout, stand straight with toes on the floor, slightly wider than your shoulder.

Tip Toe Squats/Plie Squat
Step 2

Go down to a normal squat with your toe only and as you come up to standing squeeze the calves and ankle muscles tight and release when you go down to squat.

Tip Toe Squats/Plie Squat

Repeat the 8 to 15 or 20reps and do 3 sets.

Tip Toe Squats/Plie Squat

When you first start doing this exercise, hold on to a chair or a wall for balance.  With time you will be able to perform the moves alone with no support.

Final Tips

Try to squeeze your ankles and calves muscles on the top (while heels are off the ground).

Pick 3 or 4 exercises from the list and perform them during your leg workouts days.

You can start off with the standing exercises and then end up the workout session with the seated exercise.

When you do not feel much burn after performing 20 to 30 repetitions then know it is time to start using weight.

Start with lightweight and slowly increase the weight with time.

Remember the hardest exercises are the best in building up muscle faster.

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