How to Get a Flat Stomach without Losing Curves

#2-Eat Enough Protein, Fat and Carbs Daily

Most of the time, I hear some ladies say they want to cut out carbohydrates from their meal to help them lose belly fat and my reply is always the same.

“If you like cut out the carbs in the world, when your total calories consumed is higher than energy expenditure; your belly fat is not going anywhere.

You see, fat and carbs are not bad for you neither are they the reason for storing more belly fat, over eating and genetics could be held accountable for that

As a matter of fact carbohydrates and fats helps you maintain a high energy level during your calorie restriction which is what helps you train hard enough to prevent your muscles from being used as energy.

If you decide to still reduce your fat and carbs, please do not go below 15% for carbs and 20% for fats.

Then protein should be as high as you want, follow the protein guide in the linked list below.

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Function of Protein in keeping your curves and losing stomach fat.

To maintain your curves while you lose stomach fat, you have to be eating a little more protein than you normally would consume.

When on maintenance calorie, it is recommended that you eat at least 0.8gram of protein per pound of your body weight daily or 1.5gram per kilogram of your body weight daily.

However, when on a deficit, your protein requirement will go a little higher in order to promote good nitrogen balance and to prevent ANY muscles/curves loss during this fat loss phase.

According to a research conducted by Stefan M. Pasiakos, Lee M. Margolis, and Jeb S. Orr on the 30th Dec, 2014 issue of the FASB Journal , eating an increased protein ranging from 1.6–2.4 g/kg daily will do the trick.

It is also important you note that your protein source should come from complete proteins  with all 9 amino acids present.

You can look for your preferred complete protein sources here

If you are still confused and need a quick way of calculating your calories with a break-down of your daily protein, carbohydrate and fat amounts, you can use this free Macronutrient calculator here.

#3 – Abs Exercise Tips To Lose Belly Fat And Keep Your Curves.

When it comes to losing tummy fat one other important aspect is to perform stomach exercises  to directly target and burn the fat on the belly.

This is not to say that you only need to perform abs workout and all your stomach fat will just melt away.

On the contrary,  a study conducted by Vispute, Sachin S and his team in 2011 shows that performing only abdominal exercises will not really help achieve a flat stomach.

But will require a combination of abs workout with a general fat burning workout for you to lose your belly fat.

Examples of such general fat burner exercises will include: any form of Aerobics exercise, a total body Strength Training, HITT training (High Intensity Interval Training) or LISS (Low Intensity Steady State cardio).

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