How to Get a Flat Stomach without Losing Curves

#1- Be on A Calories Deficit (15 -25% max from maintenance).

So like I said earlier, you have to be eating less to lose fat but the percentage is the most crucial part of this process. You do not want to be on a very high calorie cut or deficit if you want to maintain your curves while losing the belly fat.

The percentages that has worked the best in retaining the most muscle/curves when trying to lose fat is 15% to 25% cut from your maintenance calorie.

When you try to cut so much calorie in a short time, you stand a chance of losing both the belly fat and your curves at the same time.

This is so because your body will be burning both fat and muscle as energy for your daily activity.

So how do you know your calorie need, your maintenance and deficit calorie?

Well, a simple way to measure your calories is to multiple your body weight in pounds by 14 to 18 depending on how active you are.

My free nutrient guide here will also help you on accurate calorie calculation.

Or you can go here to calculate your calorie requirement.

But my best and sustainable method to achieving a deficit, maintenance or even eating on a surplus when bulking is through a method called portion control.

Though this will require you take some weeks or months to study and know the calorie content in your food and how they apply to your body size (be it increase, maintains or decrease); I still believe it is the most stress-free method to manage your calorie on the long run.

Once you have mastered this, there won’t be any need to be counting your calories.

So what is Portion Control?

Portion control is about tracking and keeping record of your food sizes in combination with your activity level to help you maintain a certain body size or reduce your weight or maybe even gain weight if that is the goal.

So for this method, what you do is to keep account of the quantity of food that you currently eat to be at your current size and measurement and also note your activity level as well.

Then you want to cut down the food size 15% or 25% i.e. a quarter or less portion if you really want to lose those belly fat.

Take a look at the portion control chart above to get a clearer picture of this concept.

If you really want more help on a clean and sustainable way to eat and achieve your goal, then go download my free booty and flat tummy nutrition guide here.

If you are skinny with fat on the belly, you will have to eat at your maintenance calorie and focus on building strength/lean muscle, with time your body will undergo a body recomposition.

Then you can START to eat on a very slight calorie surplus for your booty and curves to grow. A surplus of about 200 to 500 calorie is what you need.

Also, you will have to cut out unhealthy food totally from your meal plan and replace them with healthy options.

You can download my free nutrition guide above for healthy eating pattern to follow.

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