30 Day Ab Challenge For Beginners(Flat Abs and Curve challenge)

Want to get flat abs in just 1 month?  Here is a 30 Day ab challenge for beginners that I put together for you

This is totally free workout program that will get you result in 30 days.

All you have to do is just play and follow along workout video for each week 5 days a week.

You decide whether to observe the rest days every week or pick any workout of your choice and follow through.

If you have got what it takes then bookmark this page and come back to it every day for the next 30 days for your daily workout plan.

I promise, WITH the nutrient guide I am about to give you below, you tummy fat will be gone in 30 days.

What to except in this 30 Day ab challenge for beginners?

  • 1) There is 1 or 2 workout video for each week.
  • 2) You will have a video recommendation for each day. and aerobic exercises suggest for the week or day.
  • 3) Some days might have more than one video to perform. You decide whether to complete the program in 1 session or split session, which could be morning and evening or maybe afternoon.
  • 4) Saturday and Sunday are rest days. But you can still work out on those days if you so wish.
  • 5) And finally, follow the nutrition advise below and you are all set to succeed in the next 30 days.

Nutrition Tips-30 Day Ab Challenge

You will have to reduce/cut out junks food period, except you are not ready for this challenge yet.

The easiest way to do this is to reduce the temptation, by either not buying the junks home or stop visiting the locations where you get them. Empty your storage of the unhealthy food.

If you feel the craving for the unhealthy food so much, just make sure you only eat moderate portion minding your daily deficit calorie requirement.

Other eating tips

Please use the calorie calculator above to determine how many calories to eat every day in other to put your body in a deficit.

To do that you need to know your maintenance calorie, then reduce like 200 to 500 calorie from it to trigger the fat loss process.

That is the only way you can lose your stomach fat.

You can also do fasting in the morning and eat much later in the day for some days if you are able to.

So use the calculator above Or you can go here to calculator your calorie need.

  • When you have your calorie need from the calculation above, then try to eat within the deficit calorie. If you happen to overeat. Take extra  15 minutes walk that day.
  • List of Complex Carbohydrates:



Brown rice

Sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes

whole wheat bread.

List of Healthy Fat:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



Fatty Fish.


  • Try to include at least 1cup of vegetable to your meal each day for the next 30 days.

For more detailed nutrition guide  please download my free nutrition guide here.

With that, you are ready for this 30-day ab challenge.

I know some of you, my ladies in here would like to just lose the belly fat and not lose their booty along the line, well, here is an article I wrote on that topic explaining every step you need to take in other to just lose belly fat and not your booty or curves.

You can go and read it, then try to apply the principles from there to this challenge, so you can lose more of your stomach fat and not your booty.

If you are ready for this challenge, then here we go!!!

This video or videos for each week till the end of the 30 days.

There is an instruction specific to each weeks video.

Also, you might have to bookmark this page so you can come back the easily everyday.

WEEK 1 (Day 1 to 5)

Day 6 and 7 is Rest.

Do nothing on these 2 days or take a 15 to 45 minutes jog or walk around your area.

WEEK 2 -(Day 8 to 12)

Day 13 and 14 is Rest.

You can walk, jog for 15 to 45 minutes each day or still perform workout from either week 1 or week 2 video.

WEEK 3 -(Day 15 to 20)

Day 21 and 22 is Rest.

You can walk, jog for 15 to 45 minutes each day or still perform workout from either week 1 or week 2 video

WEEK 4 -(Day 23 to 28)

Perform both exercise for each day. you can either split time or do both in one session.

Day 29 and 30 is Rest.

Do nothing on these 2 days or take a 15 to 45 minutes jog or walk around your area.

kudos to you if you made it to the end of the 30 days!!! What was your experience?

You can feel free to send me a message with your result and lets chat.

Here is my email to reach me with: me@amabigail.cm

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