Easy 10 Minute Wider Hips Workout No Equipment (How to get bigger hips naturally and fast)

Growing a wider hip naturally takes a lot of effort and regular routine, I am always trying new exercises to best build mine.

Today, I created this Easy 10 Minute Wider Hips Workout with No Equipment for you to grow and build your hips.

These exercises are sure to grow your hips with regular practice, consistency and off cause, your nutrition is another piece of the puzzle.

You can lean more on how to eat for wider hips from this article.

Or go download my free flat tummy and bigger booty nutrition guide here.

So for this workout routine, just play the video below and follow along to the end.

You only need yourself and a mat to complete the entire 10 minutes wider hips workout with no equipment needed.

Though I used a band in 1 or 2 of the exercises; you really do not need those starting out EXCEPT when you get advanced or to an intermediate level.

If you decide to get a band for yourself, you can get one here and start with the light weight, it will help you progress faster

There are 5 Exercises for Wider Hips total in the video above, some exercises are set for 30sec and some are set for 45sec.

If you are wondering what they are called, please see the listed below:

5 Workouts to Make Hips Bigger:

  • Rainbow Lifts.
  • Cow sidekicks or Hydrants kicks
  • Sumo Squat back Leg Taps.
  • Half stand Clams
  • Side Lying Lateral Leg Lifts.

5 Quick Tips on How to get bigger hips naturally and fast:

This is what you’re to do if you want to grow wider and bigger hips fast:

  • #1 – Eat on a calorie surplus (that means eat over your maintenance calorie)

Read this post to learn how to calculate your calorie accurately.

  • #3 – MAKE SURE to include carbs and fat with fruit and veggies in your daily meal .
  • #4 – You will then need to follow the exercise routine above and constantly challenge your hips muscle to grow it. You do this by not just performing one set of the routine for months, but you keep increasing your set by weekly or at least monthly.

Then after some weeks/months, you then get a resistance band and keep progressing your strength on the hips muscles.

This is how you grow quick the on hips and get your hips bigger naturally.

For a detailed article on How to get bigger hips naturally and fast please read this article.

In that post I also included another 8 Minute Wider Hips Workout No Equipment.

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