27 Cute Braids for Black Girls|Cute Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

Looking for inspiration on cute braided hairstyles for black girls? I gat you! In this post we are going to be looking at 100+ colored and black Cute Braids for Black Girls you can rock any time and where. This come in form of African hair style photos.

This post is meant to just give you an ideal on various styles and designs of both cornrow braids and small, big or medium box braids.

27 Cute Braids for Black Girls | Cute braided hairstyles for black girls

Your hair is one thing that sets you up for class. A cute hairstyle will prominently put the spotlight on you in any event or occasion you attend and that is a good thing.  So It is vital to always search out exceptional hairstyles that are unique and on top of the trend.

Like I said will be looking at both box braid and cornrow in this post its left for you to choose the braid type that suite you more.

Then you have to meet a hairstylist around you to make them for you.

Alternatively, you can attempt making them yourself, but trust me it not going to be an easy one if you are inexperienced in hair making.

Beside there definitely some braided hairstyles here that you can never be able to plate yourself on your head even if you have good breading skills already.

It has to be someone else making it on another person’s head due to the complexity of the style and even the scalp haircuts pattern and the braiding type.  

For an instant, it is very easy for you to make a very basic straight forward all-back cornrow, but when it comes to Ghana braids with a zigzag pattern, that requires a hairstylist if you really want the zigzag pattern to come out well and look nice.

Rocking any of these hairstyles in your car will really look stunning

So let us start looking at each one the 100+ cute braids for black girls

I am first starting with different box braids sizes and styles then we will move on to cornrow hairstyles for girls.

I am starting with different box braids sizes and styles then we will move on to cornrow hairstyles for girls.

Usually box braids hairstyles are one of the most popular African hair-styling choice for most blacks.

And you have lot of styles to pick from. Here the top is my list starting off with box braids with shaved sides.

Box Braids with Shaved Sides| Cute braided hairstyles for black girls

This is where the creative and beautiful looks of box braids come into play especially for them ladies who are on short haircut but still desires to have a box braid on for an even or just for a change.

You get options of various color, length and styles from this cute braided hairstyle black.

The pictures below are not teaching you how to make box braid but they will for sure inspire you. If you desire to learn how to start box braiding yourself, then check out the video tutorial I have included above

No.0 Back Hair Cut High Bun Ponytail Box Braids

No.1 High Side Ponytail Box Braid

No.2 High Bun + Shaved Sides Box Braid style

No.3 Around Side cut Ponytail Wrap Box Braids

Photo: Pinterest

No.4 Around Side cut Drop Box Braids

Photo: Instagram

No.5 Side Shaved Crochet Box Braids

No.6 2-Side Cut Box Braids High Bun

Photo: Instagram

This is the last one of the box braids with shaved sides styles, lets now move on to other types of box braid styles for black girls

If your hair is not shaved then these next cute braided hairstyles for black girls will be you go to choice.

Big Box Braids and Medium Box Braids | 4 Box Braids Medium Length

Big Box Braids Medium Length

No. 7 All Back Layed-Edge Bold Box Braids Black

Photo: Instagram

N0. 8 Medium Box Braids with Color

Photo: Instagram

No. 9 Medium Box Braids with Color White Extension (Medium sized box braids)

Photo: Instagram

No.10 All-Back JUMBO BOX BRAIDS | Big Box Braids Medium Length


No.11 White Mane Box Braids (Medium Sized Box Braids)

No. 12 Plum Box Braids with Elegant Half Updo ( Medium Sized Box Braids)

No. 13 White Small Box Braids Long Length

No.14 Center-Part Ultra-Long Red Box Braids

With those very elegant and cute hairstyles for black teenage girl and even real ladies, lets then look some beautiful and amazing cornrow hairstyles for girls and matured ladies.

Cornrows Braided Hairstyles |Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls (Nigerian Cornrow Hairstyles)

And we are starting off with this pretty little Jumbo Goddess Braids with front Cornrow. This is the name I personally choose to call it because, I looooooooove it so much!

No. 15 Pretty Little Jumbo Goddess Braids

How do you love this, in as much as I really, really love this bold and big cornrows hairstyles, I not sure I will be able to rock it considering that I am a tall girl.

The style will work perfectly well for tall girls or ladies, so if you are tall, this style is for you to try then waist and see how eye catchy, pretty and classy you will be.

This not to say that average height ladies cannot rock this braids, to me I think it’s all about personal preference and your carriage if there is a word like that…

More on cute braided hairstyles for black girl are includes the following:

Cute braided hairstyles for black girl

No. 16 – 5/ 4 Cornrow Braids with Gold Extensions

No. 17 Beaded Ponytail Cornrow Braid Hairstyle.

No. 18 Big All Back Cornrow Braided Style

Cornrows in the front and singles in the back

No. 27 Shucku Bun Cornrow Hairstyles for Women

If you would love to see how you can make simple cornrows braids yourself be then watch this video tutorial below to get an insight.

so this is where we conclude this Cornrows Braided Hairstyles inspiration post, having shown your different cute braided hairstyles for black girls.

Starting from Box Braids with Shaved Sides to Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls. I also included few Nigerian Cornrow Hairstyles

I hope you love this post, please share and pin it if you love the styles.